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Houston Texans

Jersey numbers for Texans draft picks

The jersey number assignments for the Texans' nine-member 2010 draft class were finalized this morning.

Here's the full list, complete with players who previously wore each number for the Texans:

CB Kareem Jackson: #25 (SS Nick Ferguson, 2008-09: CB Dexter Wynn, 2006-07; CB Derrick Johnson, 2006; CB Kevin Garrett, 2006; RB Tony Hollings, 2003-05)

RB Ben Tate: #43 (FB Jameel Cook, 2006-07; CB Kenny Wright, 2002-04)

DT Earl Mitchell: #92 (DT Jeff Zgonina, 2007-09; DE Anthony Weaver, 2006; DE Corey Sears, 2002-04)

LB Darryl Sharpton: #51 (LB Chaun Thompson, 2008-09; LB DaShon Polk, 2004-06; LB Jimmy McClain, 2002-03)

TE Garrett Graham: #88 (TE Jeb Putzier, 2006-07; WR Derrick Armstrong, 2004-05; TE Rashod Kent, 2003, WR Avion Black, 2002)

CB Sherrick McManis: #22 (RB Chris Brown, 2008-09; CB Roc Alexander, 2006; SS Ramon Walker, 2005; SS Curry Burns, 2003)

G Shelley Smith: #71 (T Jordan Black, 2007; T Mike Pearson, 2006; T Todd Wade, 2004-05; T Tony Boselli, 2002)

KR Trindon Holliday: #84 (WR Darnell Jenkins, 2008; WR Eric Moulds, 2006; TE Marcellus Rivers, 2005; WR J.J. Moses, 2003-04; WR Jermaine Lewis, 200)

WR Dorin Dickerson: #19(WR Edell Shepherd, 2006; WR Charlie Adams, 2006)

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