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Joel Dreessen Question & Answer

Brendan Lindsay - Prince Albert, CA: Hey Joel dressen your one of my favorite TE;s in the game today! my question is who on your team is the most fun guy and most relazed guy. Thank from Brendan GO TEXANS GO!! Go ANDRE JOHNSON GO!!!

Joel Dreessen (2:29:53PM): Thanks for the question. Well, my two favorite guys on the team are David Anderson and Tim Bulman. They're probably the guys I spend most of my free time with. Dave is a pretty relaxed guy.

Ross - Dickinson, TX, US: Joel, after having a career year and with the Texans riding a four game win streak heading into the off season, what are your personal goals to accomplish along with goals for the team next season?

Joel Dreessen (2:30:33PM): Great question. Obviously, I want to improve on my play from last year. I would love to play more overall and have more catches and special teams tackles. Those are my individual goals. I'm very jealous of these teams in the playoffs right now. That looks like a lot of fun. As a team, that's a benchmark that we're still trying to reach.

Harrison Chisum - Fort Morgan, CO, US: What road team has a great atmosphere that you had to play in front of in your career?

Joel Dreessen (2:31:16PM): Obviously, the Indianapolis Colts have great fans. They're quiet when Peyton is on offense, and they're deafening loud when the Colts are playing defense. They also play in a beautiful stadium.

John - Spring, TX, US: If Owne Daniels returns, what role will you play for the organization?

Joel Dreessen (2:34:14PM): John, for starters, I know that Owen will return healthy and strong, because that's the type of athlete that he is. Obviously, once you're a starter, you never want to go back to not starting. At the same time, I'm aware that Owen does certain things better than I probably can. So I just hope to control what I can control and work as hard as I can to be the best tight end possible. Whatever role the coaches see fit, that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully, I'll play a lot on offense and special teams like I did before Owen got hurt.

Jesse - Huntington, NY, US: Hey Joel, I was wondering what it's like to work with such a prolific tight end such as Owen Daniels. Have you learned anything that you incorporate in your own routine?

Joel Dreessen (2:37:23PM):

Thanks Jesse. Owen is a great tight end and one of my best friends on the team. We work very closely together in everything that we do because we not only want to be the best tight ends in the league, we want to be the best group of tight ends in the NFL. So we definitely learn from each other as far as the best ways to prepare for the season and each game. We bounce a lot of ideas off each other and we're always trying to get the best out of each other.

John Bailey - Pflugerville, TX, US: I know it was a little weird when you had to replace Owen as the primary TE. What have you gained from the experience of starting? You did great in the last few games. I would imagine it was a bit different going from playing just a few snaps a game to virtually all of them. Also does it help to play behind such a Pro Bowl caliber TE like O.D. and what is you guys relationship like seeing that you two have battle during the offseason?

Joel Dreessen (2:41:28PM):

John, I believe that the most productive way to improve at something is through experience. So I feel as though I greatly improved as a football player by playing every single down. The biggest adjustment for me was controlling my excitement when I knew that the ball was going to be coming my way. The biggest thing I gained from playing that much was overcoming some of the anxiety I felt when I knew my team was counting on me to make a play. You need to be composed when you have to make a big play.

Clayton Hahn - Lolita, TX, US: Joel, How have you been spending the offseason so far? When do players generally get back to working out and getting ready for next season?

Joel Dreessen (2:43:30PM): Hi, unfortunately I had to get shoulder surgery last week, so I've been spending my offseason rehabbing at the stadium. I did get to sneak in a deer hunting trip with some of my old college buddies before the surgery. Now, my wife and I are anxiously awaiting the birth of our first son any day now. So my offseason is pretty booked. Guys will start to return here to work out and get ready for the offseason conditioning program throughout March.

John - Spring, TX, TX, US: What are your pregame/postgame routines?

Joel Dreessen (2:46:04PM): During the pregame, I am pretty superstitious. If we won the previous week, I will try to leave the hotel at that exact same time the next week. As far as getting ready for the game, I always get an I.V. to make sure my fluids are topped off and I don't cramp up. I thumb through the playbook one more time and go out and play catch with Dan Orlovsky. Then I get taped and eat an apple (green, preferably). Then it's time to go.

John B. - Houston, TX, US: Who would win in a race between David Anderson and yourself?

Joel Dreessen (2:47:40PM): This is a classic case of stride frequency vs. stride length. David would definitely beat me out of the blocks for the first 20 yards because of his high turnover rate. But the last 20 yards and the finish would belong to me because of my powerful long strides. Good question.

Glenn Otis - Greeley, CO, US: Did you ever go to a teenage mutant ninja turtle concert when you were a kid?

Joel Dreessen (2:50:08PM): I am glad that you asked this Glenn. I did go to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concert in the second grade. It was awesome, just like I expected it to be. However, that night I prayed that I would turn into a Ninja Turtle, and if it didn't happen that night, it wasn't going to happen...although I do have some characteristics of a ninja. Be sure to keep your lawnmower blades sharp, Glenn.

John Waters - Fort Morgan, CO, US: Joel, This is John Waters from KFTM radio in Fort Morgan, Colorado. I just wanted to say how awesome it is to see a former Mustang playing on the big stage. It seems like only yesterday that we were doing play by play of your high school games. You are a real credit to Morgan County and we are all very proud of you. Keep us the great work and good luck.

Joel Dreessen (2:52:39PM): John, thank you so much for the support. No matter what success I have found in the NFL, one of the best feelings and my favorite memories was playing high school football in Fort Morgan. Winning the state championship and going undefeated in 1999 is something I think about a lot. Our team camaraderie was very special and something I'll always treasure.

John Waters - Fort Morgan, CO, US: What does it mean to you to know that Gary Kubiak will be back next year and that there will be another new Offensive Coordinator?

Joel Dreessen (2:55:42PM): It means a great deal to me that Coach Kubiak will be back next year. Having played for two other head coaches in the NFL (Eric Mangini and Herm Edwards), Coach Kubiak is by far one of the best men I've ever played for. He treats his players with class and respect, while maintaining a standard of winning that we all strive to achieve. I really like Kyle Shanahan and it was tough to see him go to Washington, but at the same time I'm very excited for Coach Dennison to take over and see the ideas he has for us to become an even better offense.

Christensen - Fort Morgan, CO, US: Joel are you looking forward at coming back home next season to play the Broncos.

Joel Dreessen (2:57:39PM): Mr. C, I'm definitely looking forward to coming home to play the Broncos. I have a great following of fan support in Colorado. It means a great deal to me that they will have a chance to see me play in person. Hopefully, you'll be able to make the game. The schedule comes out in April.

Anthony Salazar - El Paso, TX, US: Hi Mr. Dreessen, what game do you think was the best for the texans this past season? Also do you think Andre Johnson is the best wr in the nfl?

Joel Dreessen (1:00:31PM): I definitely think that the last game against New England was our best game of the season. We were down by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, but you definitely felt the energy on the sideline that we weren't going to be denied our first winning season. It was a great effort by all phases - offense, defense and special teams. And yes, I do believe that Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in the NFL. His humility and approach to the game is second to none. He is a great teammate.

John - Spring, TX, US: If you could play for any other NFL team in history, which team/year would it be?

Joel Dreessen (1:01:42PM):

Growing up in Colorado, I would have definitely played for the 1997 Denver Broncos when they won their first Super Bowl. I was a huge John Elway fan and would have loved to have caught passes from him and blocked for Terrell Davis.

John - Spring, TX, US: Does being in the NFL ever really sink in? What is in your mind as you run through the tunnel?

Joel Dreessen (1:04:35PM): Unfortunately because the demands and stress of performing at a high level in the NFL are so great, you don't really take time to appreciate it as much as you should. However, running out of the tunnel before kickoff, I always make sure to take a few seconds to thank God for blessing me to play in the NFL. Also, times like now in the offseason you sometimes look back and appreciate what you've done. That being said, you know you had a lot of help along the way from various people.

john - Lubbock, TX, US: How nice is it not living with Brisiel and Anderson anymore?

Joel Dreessen (5:49:29PM):

For people that don't know, David Anderson and Mike Brisiel lived in my house during the 2007-08 seasons. Anways, I honestly miss having friends around all of the time. But I don't miss their laziness and having to clean up after them. My wife and dog have been more than adequate substitutes:)


jeff pope - fort morgan, CO, US: What was your "WOW" moment in life when you knew that you would succeed as an NFL player?

Joel Dreessen (1:08:59PM): I don't really feel like I've had a "Wow" moment yet. As an athlete and person who is always striving to better himself, I never feel like I've truly arrived. However, I am confident that I will continue to have a prospering career in the NFL.

John Waters - Fort Morgan, CO, US: Who have the been the most influential people in your football life at each level?

Joel Dreessen (1:11:34PM): In high school, it was definitely my brother and Jeff Pope, a coach of mine. They taught me that no matter how talented you are, there is no substitute for the daily grind of hard work. At the college level, it was probably my closest friend Erik Pears, who also plays in the NFL. We were always pushing each other and trying to make each other the best we could be. In the NFL, I've learned that nobody cares about your career more than yourself. So I have been pretty self-motivated as far as that goes.

Christensen's 5th Hour - Fort Morgan, CO, US: Pulled up the live chat on the big screen in my class room and they just wanted to know who your biggest inspiration was and if there was ever a doubt you would make it to the NFL.

Joel Dreessen (1:14:48PM): Thanks, Mr. C. I appreciate it. I'd say my biggest inspiration was always to try to outdo myself no matter what it was - whether it was getting straight A's in school or being the best football player I could be. I always had the goal and belief that I would play in the NFL. WIth that being said, I have been cut twice and told "No" before. I spent the whole 2006 season out of football with all 32 teams not wanting me. So that was a great lesson in perseverance, and although my confidence was greatly tested, I always believed that I would have an NFL career.

Kim - Houston, TX, US: Hi Joel! First I wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic job this season. I am very impressed with the way you stepped up to the plate and made some great catches and plays especially with having to fill some very big shoes when Owen was hurt. Just wanted to know how shoulder surgery went and how long rehab is expected? Hope to see you playing a lot more next year as well as tight end.

Joel Dreessen (1:16:34PM): The operation went very well and the doctors were able to fix the injuries. My shoulder rehab is going very well. I should be about 100 percent for the start of OTA practices in May.

Mr. Erik Christensen - Fort Morgan, CO, US: How nervous/excited are you about becoming a father? Keep up the hard work and I know the people of Fort Morgan are excited to see your success.

Joel Dreessen (1:18:50PM): I'm a little nervous about the infant stage, but at the same time I couldn't be more excited. I have an amazing wife and I know the two of us are going to be great parents. I can't wait for my son to get here so we can go hunting and play catch.

Jesse Aaron - Huntington, NY, US: Hey Joel, who is the one athlete not on the Texans that you admire most?

Joel Dreessen (1:21:36PM):

I really admire Brian Cushing even though he was a rookie this past year. He prepared and practiced like a veteran all year long. I feel as though his style of play truly helped our team this year. He is also a great teammate and I'm glad we have him

Freddy Salinas - Houston, TX, US: Where do you feel the Texans will go in the draft? Do you think they will go after a running back in the first round? by the way great season!

Joel Dreessen (1:24:01PM): Thankfully, drafting players for our team is not my area of expertise. We have so many people dedicated to researching who we should take in the draft. I trust them to make those types of decisions and I stick to playing football.

Jesse - Huntington, NY, US: Joel, could you talk about the emotions experienced during the final game of the season, not knowing if you were a playoff bound team up until the very end. I was at the edge of my seat the entire day, was it hard to stay focused?

Joel Dreessen (1:27:06PM):

I only have a few more minutes to answer questions. It's been a lot of fun.

To answer your question, that day was very exciting to say the least. We knew that we had to take care of business against the Patriots to even have a chance. When we did that, going home I was definitely rooting for the Raiders, Chiefs and Bengals. Unfortunately, only the Chiefs came through for us. The Raiders game was somewhat interesting and the Bengals didn't even show up. I watched that Bengals game with a group of teammates and we were all disappointed. We never wanted to go to work the next day so badly our entire lives.

Dora Porras - Houston, TX, US: Where do you see the Texans Next Year? Play off Bound??? :)

Joel Dreessen (1:28:26PM): I'm a person who truly believes that what you think about, you bring about. So I can wholeheartedly say that everyone in the organization expects us to be a postseason-caliber team, not only next year but for years to come.

Doug - clear lake city, TX, US: How much improvement in your game did you feel you made from start of the season to the end of the season? Hardest defender to go up against?

Joel Dreessen (1:31:55PM): I really feel as though I made a huge improvement in the run game as far as blocking on the line of scrimmage. The experience against some of the most physical players in the league allowed me to take that portion of my game to another level. One of the hardest defenders I've faced is DeMarcus Ware. The guy is so fast and so physical. It's truly a test to get your job done against him.

Mike Hecker - Fort Morgan, CO, US: I have known Joel for about 18 years, and never missed any of his high school games.I knew then that Joel was a special person. We are all very proud of Joel and his accomplishments. He has turned into an outstanding role model. My questions for Joel.How will becoming a new father change your outlook on football, and what off season moves do you think the Texans need to make, to get over the hump and make the playoffs next season. You have converted a Denver Bronco fan, into a Houstan Texan fan. God Bless and enjoy your soon to be new job of Dad. Mike Hecker.

Joel Dreessen (1:35:43PM): This is my last question that I have time for today. Thanks to everyone for sending in your questions. If I didn't get them answered, I'll try to find time another day.

Hecker, thanks for the question. I believe that becoming a father will motivate me to become an even better football player because I will know that my performance will be providing for another person. With that being said, I hope it will add to more balance in my life because being a father takes a great deal of time and effort.

I think an improved run game will improve the team as a whole next season and get us into the playoffs.

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