Johnson back in school at the "U"

I wrote yesterday about Texans tight end James Casey's semester at Rice University (check out this great accompanying video feature if you haven't yet). All-Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson is also back in school, taking 12 credits as a full-time student at the University of Miami.

Student newspaper The Miami Hurricane has the story, a nice read that was prominently featured on the front page of the paper's most recent edition.

"It was just something I always wanted to do," Johnson told the paper. "I always told my mom that if I left school early, I'd come back and finish. So I just felt like it was time to come back and get it done."

Johnson was 30 credits short of a degree in liberal arts when he left the University of Miami in 2003 after his junior season. Seven years later, he's back in the classroom.

"It's definitely different because you haven't been doing it for so long," he said in the article. "To be honest it's kind of fun to be back here. I get a kick out of just seeing people looking at me walking around campus and things like that."

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