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Johnson: "I plan on being here 'til the day I retire"

Much speculation has been made about Andre Johnson's future in Houston since a recent **ESPN The Magazine article** came out with eyebrow-raising comments from Johnson's uncle and adviser, Andre Melton.

After the article came out, Johnson reassured general manager Rick Smith and the media that he planned to stay in Houston for the long haul. He reiterated those comments on Tuesday as the Texans find themselves mired in a four-game losing streak.

"To be honest, **I plan on being here,”** Johnson said in an interview on SportsRadio 610 AM. "I plan on being here 'til the day I retire."

Before that statement, Johnson was asked about his uncle's comments and on his thoughts on his tenure in Houston.

"I do want to win," Johnson said. "Coming to a new franchise, you knew that everything wasn't going to happen the way you want it to happen. This is my seventh season now, and I didn't even think it would take this long. So, the situation with my uncle, you know, everyone has their own opinion about things. He's a straight-up guy, and he's going to let me know how he feels. He's going to let people know. That's just the way how he feels, and he has a right to his opinion. I never made a comment about it, and everyone's been asking me, 'Hey, are you going to leave, are you going to stay?' And I haven't put any thought into it, actually, to be honest."

Later in the interview, SR610 host John Lopez told Johnson that he was receiving text messages in response to Johnson's statement that he wants to retire in Houston. Those text messages ranged from "I love you, Andre" to "Andre, thank God" to "Andre, I screamed in my office when I heard that."

"The fans here are unbelievable," Johnson said. "Everywhere I go, I get a nice welcoming from the fans, whether it's at (Houston Rockets) basketball games or walking in the mall, wherever I'm at."

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