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Johnson, Jones discuss fines

John McClain of the *Houston Chronicle *has reported that Texans receivers Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones **have been fined** for their roles in the fourth-quarter brawl between the Texans and Titans in Week 2. Per McClain, Johnson was fined $7,500 and Jones was fined $5,000. No other Texans were fined, according to McClain's report.

Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones, who was ejected for throwing a punch in the fight, was fined $5,000 on Wednesday.

Johnson and Jones discussed the fines with the media after practice on Thursday.

WR Andre Johnson(on getting a letter with a fine and if it concerns him) "I'm not worried about it. I just donated money to charity, so that's how I look at it."

(on if he got his money's worth) "(Laughs) I have no comment. It's something I'm really not worried about. I've been through with it. I'm really not worried about it."

(on if he has had a fine like this before) "I think it's my first time. I'm not worried about it, though. Not a big deal. I'm worried about Jacksonville, winning the game on Sunday. That's it."

(on what he thinks about some of his teammates who got away without being fined) "(Laughs) Hey, some people get caught, some people don't. I was one of the guys who got caught. Like I said, I'm not worried about it. It's not a big deal."

(on if what happened is indicative of a new attitude on the team) "Yeah, I mean, there are some things that happened in the game on Sunday, and we're all grown men. So some things are just not going to be tolerated, and certain things happened. Some bad things happened on Sunday. Some guys were fined for it, some guys weren't, and there's nothing you can doubt it now. So like I said, it's nothing I'm worried about. I'm worried about Jacksonville."

(on if his fine was $7,500) "Something like that (laughs)."

WR Jacoby Jones(on what happened on Sunday) "That's something I'm not even worried about right now. It's past, and I'm going to move on."

(on if he got his money's worth for getting fined for what happened Sunday during the game) "I wouldn't say that. It was an accident. It was the heat of the moment, it was a battle. We were all protecting each other. I wouldn't do that again, that's for sure."

(on if he thinks that the punishment was a little excessive) "No, it was fair. I was out of line, shouldn't of did what I did, and I'm paying for it."

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