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Johnson mic'd up for NFL Network show

Wide receiver Andre Johnson tends to shy away from the spotlight, but he's got nowhere to hide today. The soft-spoken Pro Bowler is being followed around by cameras from the NFL Network for a day-in-the-life segment that will air on the network's "Total Access" within the next couple of weeks.

"It's a little different," Johnson said after practice Thursday morning. "You're not used to having a camera follow you around everywhere you go, but it's fun, it's something different for me. People get to see me as Andre Johnson, see what I do when I'm in the locker room, when I'm around my teammates, so I think it's good for me."

The cameras will stick with Johnson until he goes home tonight after the Texans' 7:15 p.m. night practice. NFL Network's crew has been following Johnson since he left his house early this morning to come to Reliant Stadium.

"Actually, I was still sleeping and they were sitting outside my house," Johnson said. "It's fun. I'm enjoying it and my teammates are enjoying it. I'm pretty sure I'll catch a little (grief) because I'll be mic'd up in the second practice. Some of the guys already said they're going to be on me, but it should be fun."

Fans attending Thursday night's open practice can judge for themselves whether they think Johnson is acting differently, but he said this morning that the omnipresent cameras haven't affected his behavior.

I'll post an update in my blog whenever I find out when exactly this behind-the-scenes feature will air.

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