Kareem Jackson Question & Answer

Kareem Jackson (1:57:09PM): Hi, this is Kareem. Thanks for stopping by the live chat today. Send your questions in if you've got any questions to ask me. I'm looking forward to it.

Lukascash - Lublin, PL: Hello Kareem. really glad to see U in Texans uniform. How do U feel a new team? Do U think Texans have all pieces to make a postseason for the first time in their history?

Kareem Jackson (1:56:02PM): I feel good about the team. It's a great opportunity, and I'm very excited. I feel we've got all the pieces of the puzzle. All they have to do, everybody just take action and go out and do their part and just do the things necessary to have a successful season this year.

Nathan V. - San Angelo, TX, US: Kareem, Do you think that Bama can repeat as National Champs this year? Roll Tide! and Go Texans!

Kareem Jackson (2:02:32PM): Yeah, I think they can. There are still good players there. We lost a lot on defense, but we have guys stepping in that are athletes, and Coach Saban is going to have the defense right and we've got pretty much everybody back on offense. I think they'll have a good chance of repeating. They've still got Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson. They're going to be carrying most of the load on offense, so yeah, I think they can.

Justin "Urk" Urquiaga - La Marque, TX, US: You are coming off of a National Championship team so my question is do you believe that the Texans have the vibe or swag of a championship team? How hungry are you in your teammates for the playoffs?

Kareem Jackson (2:05:02PM): Just from being here for these first few practices, yeah, I think we do. We've got a lot of big-time players. We've got Schaub, Andre Johnson, Slaton in the backfield. Those guys are some big-time players, and then on defense, we've got big-time players like Cushing and DeMeco. Like I said, it's just about everybody coming together. Everybody's got one goal in mind, and it's just about coming together trying to achieve that goal.

Daniel Stea - La Crescenta, CA, US: Some corners like utilizing their size, or speed, do you prefer to play more off of a reciever and let a play develop, then react, or do you prefer to play up in a reciever's face in press coverage?

Kareem Jackson (2:07:58PM): I like being in a receiver's face. That way, I can kind of dictate what I want him to do and just try to control him from the line of scrimmage. Once you get your hand on receivers and knock them off their route, the quarterback's got to go somewhere else with it because everything is about timing these days. From playing press for three years at Alabama, I've grown to love it. As a corner, you've got to be your best friend being able to rough a receiver up within those five yards, so you've just got to take advantage of it.

Chris - Houston, TX, US: Mr. Jackson, coming out of Alabama has Demeco Ryans given you any advice? And who is your favorite Texan teamate so far?

Kareem Jackson (2:09:39PM): Yeah, he kind of gave me advice, just encouraging me, giving me the ins and outs of playing at this level. Of course, my favorite teammates have got to be the 'Bama guys, coming from the same tradition. But I had a couple of conversations with Andre Johnson, so he's one of my favorites on the team, too, as of right now.

Gary - Nederland, TX, US: Hey Kareem congrats on the 20th pick. My question is how does it feel with all the pressure of having to come in so quick and be a instant part of the defense?

Kareem Jackson (2:11:22PM): Thanks. For me, I don't think it's really any pressure. I've been playing football for a long time, so I just kind of see it as an opportunity. I just want to contribute to the team in any way I can, whether it's special teams or playing an instant part on the defense. I just want to do anything to just kind of help the team go to the next level.

John - Houston, TX, US: How are you enjoyin the hot concrete box of Houston? Have you done any house shopping yet?

Kareem Jackson (2:13:12PM): I'm enjoying the weather. I mean, it's hot - even at night it'll be super hot. But I'm pretty much used to the heat being from Georgia and going to school in the South at the University of Alabama, so it's good. Yeah, I've done some house shopping. Right now, I'm just kind of waiting to hear back on this one spot. I'm kind of excited about that.

Stephen Leathers - Birmingham, AL, US: Kareem - Bama fans sure do appreciate your three years at the Capstone! How does Coach Saban's coaching of bump and run coverage translate with the schemes the Texans are using? How is it similar? How is it different? Thanks and Roll Tide!

Kareem Jackson (2:16:01PM): I enjoyed playing at the Capstone. It was kind of a dream come true for me, all the things that happened in the last season. I don't think there's a stronger college tradition than Alabama. As far as the coverage, some of it's the same, from the way we play man. Of course, we're pressing here, so I kind of take the things that I learned at 'Bama and just use them on the field out here. We play a lot more Cover 3 here than at 'Bama, so we're playing off. I've just kind of got to get used to that. At 'Bama, 98% of the time we were pressing - every play. Here, it seems like it's more like 50/50.

Daniel Berry - Houston, TX, US: How many INTS do you figure you will have next year

Kareem Jackson (2:17:26PM): It'd be nice to pick off everything thrown my way, but I'll say about three or four. For being my rookie year, that'd be a pretty good total. You never know, though - I might be able to get a few more.

fernando canchola - tomball, TX, US: hey kareem, as a new member to the houston texans and a new member of houston, have you found your favorite pick out spot to go out and eat yet?

Kareem Jackson (2:18:51PM): Yeah, right now it's gotta be Pappadeaux's. It's a nice restaurant, and it's close to the stadium. I like seafood, so it's gotta be that for now. We had one in Georgia, too.

Dean Barnes - Wolcott, NY, US: Hi Kareem! First off congratualations on being drafted and making your NFL dreams come true. Why did you choose number 25? Is there a special reason?

Kareem Jackson (2:19:53PM): Thank you. I chose number 25 because it was either 22 and then it jumped to 30, and I wore 5 in high school, so 25 was the perfect number.

Wes B - Mont Belvieu, TX, US: Do you feel any pressure to fill Dunte Robinson's shoes?

Kareem Jackson (2:20:45PM): No. I don't feel any pressure. Like I said, I just look at it as an opportunity to come in and make an impact and help in any way possible, and just kind of help the team take another step of making the playoffs and possibly competing for the Super Bowl.

Anthony - Spring, TX, US: whats up Kareem.. have you lined up against Andre Johnson yet and how has that battle gone so far? also have you picked off any passes yet? thanks in advance (just curious lol)

Kareem Jackson (2:22:55PM): Yeah, I lined up against Andre. Actually, today I lined up against him about three or four times. He's a veteran receiver, so I'm still learning, but he's kind of getting the best of me right now. But he's Andre Johnson. So, you might say that it's a learning process. I enjoy nothing more than getting better going against him. It'll make me better every single day, so I'm loving every bit of it.

Wes B - Mont Belvieu, TX, US: What team are you most excited to see on the schedule this year and why?

Kareem Jackson (2:23:56PM): The first one's always going to be exciting because it's going to be my first NFL game, but other than that, it doesn't really matter. I'll just take it one game at a time.

Andre Mills - Santa Rosa, CA, US: I would like to know what are your personal goals and expectations for yourself this season? Do you expect to be a Pro-Bowl player, Rookie of the year, or just contribute and learn this year?

Kareem Jackson (2:25:13PM): I mean, of course contribute and learn, but at the same time, I expect to go out and just play at my best ability, and if that leads me to a Pro Bowl or Rookie of the Year, that'll be very exciting. But just to contribute and learn and, like I said, help the team in any way possible.

Brandon - Houston, TX, US: Besides football, did you play in any other sports in school?

Kareem Jackson (2:26:14PM): Yeah, I played basketball and ran track. I was a point guard in basketball, and I ran the 4x100 and the 100 in track. When I was younger, I used to think basketball would be my meal ticket, but once reality kind of set in, I just kind of focused on football.

Joe Zepeda - El Paso,, TX, AE: Do you consider yourself better against the run or knocking down a pass?

Kareem Jackson (2:27:50PM): I think both. I think when it comes to the run support, I'll come up and hit you if I have to. I'm not a stranger with that. I think both. I can cover, too, so I think I'm a well-rounded player.

Ben Layman - spring, TX, US: How does defensive backs coach David Gibbs compare to your's at Alabama and what is the major difference you see in their coaching?

Kareem Jackson (2:32:48PM): Both Coach Gibbs and Coach Saban are good coaches. Both of them are hands-on. They kind of show you that you're going to get that tough coaching from them, so in that way, they're the same. I think Coach Saban was a little tougher than Coach Gibbs. Don't get me wrong, Coach Gibbs is tough, but I think Coach Saban was a little tougher probably just because they're at different levels. At this level, nobody should really have to be on you every play about your job. Guys already know, and at the college level, you can kind of mess up and coaches will kind of jump down your throat.

Joseph - Cypress, TX, US: Dear Kareem, What did you study at Alabama? Do you think you will finish your degree?

Kareem Jackson (2:33:48PM): I studied sports management. I'm definitely going to finish my degree. My mom's a teacher, so if I don't, I know she's going to be hounding me. But at the same time, I know that's a goal that I set for myself. That'll be a great achievement for me, so I'm definitely going to go back and finish school once I kind of get settled.

Lisa - Missouri City, TX, US: What's been the biggest adjustment you've had to make so far in moving from college to professional football?

Kareem Jackson (2:35:25PM): Just from playing press every play to playing four yards off, and technique and the five-yard rule for pass interference. In college, you can beat up on them until the ball's in the air, so that's been something to adjust to.

Joseph - Cypress, TX, US: Dear Kareem, When you were growing up, which NFL stars were you a big fan of? Were you a Falcons fan since you lived so close to Atlanta?

Kareem Jackson (2:37:16PM): The Falcons were alright. Growing up, my team was the Ravens beacuse their defense always was good with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Going up, I always wanted to go to Miami, so I grew up watching a lot of guys from Miami once they got into the pros. But Champ Bailey's my guy, though. I love his game. I love watching him play, and he's from Georgia, so that made things a whole lot better.

James Leviticus Musgrove - Houston, TX, US: What are you bringing to the team in 2010? Im a huge Texan fan since 2002...and I really want to see my team well our team make it to the super bowl this year.

Kareem Jackson (2:39:50PM): I'm going to bring that will to win, that relentless attitude. Just be positive in every aspect as far as helping the team. Like I said, I want to contribute in any way possible for the team to be successful.

Wes B - Mont Belvieu, TX, US: Having beaten the Longhorns for the National Championship and now being drafted by a team in the heart of Longhorn country, have you given that much thought? It is a non-issue, but it is some-what ironic.

Kareem Jackson (2:43:38PM): Yeah, I have, because some people have been messing with me about that. I've met some Texas graduates, so I kind of just gave them grief about it. And one of the rookies went to Texas, Adam Ulatoski. I wear my Crimson with pride, so I'm going to continue to do that no matter how long I'm going to be here. I'm going to have my Alabama flag hanging from my house. I'll put it right in the front, just so everybody can have that bitter taste in their mouth once they see it. Roll Tide.

chris galbreath - merritt island, FL, US: roll tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that you went to the texans!!!! crimson tide for life!

Kareem Jackson (2:45:33PM): Roll Tide.

D Frank - el campo, TX, US: Have you seen in practice why Andre Johnson is considered by most people the best WR in the NFL?

Kareem Jackson (2:47:51PM): Yeah. He's big, he's strong, he's fast, all the combinations you need to be a great football player. He's proven himself every weekend in his career. He's everything I expected. Everything he does, he kind of does it with ease. So yeah, I can definitely see why people think that.

James Belesky - Houston, TX, US: what's your favorite thing to do besides football?

Kareem Jackson (2:50:47PM): My favorite thing to do besides football would have to be shopping. That, and I love to watch movies. Those are the two biggest things I do: I buy a lot of movies and I buy a lot of shoes. I've got probably about 300 pairs of shoes, and a lot of movies- I don't even know how many.

Stephen Davis - Houston, TX, US: How did it feel to go 1 and 2 with an Auburn guy? And on that note, has there been any fun trash talk or anything between you and Ben?

Kareem Jackson (2:54:20PM): No. Fellow SEC guys, we've got to stick together, so there hasn't been any trash talk between me and him. When we first saw each other, we just kind of introduced ourselves to each other, and that's about it. When I see him, we'll speak and talk every now and then, but we have no rivalry issues.

Joanna - Houston, TX, US: Kareem, Are you worried about any "rookie hazing"(or rookie terrorization as I call it) happening to you because you were a first round pick??

Kareem Jackson (2:57:13PM): No, I'm not worried about it, but I'm not looking forward to it, either. I'll just kind of take it as it comes. Hopefully, it's not too bad. I just know from past guys going in the first round like my guy Andre Smith with the Bengals, I always hear about how they're having to take guys to dinner and their tabs end up being like a ridiculous amount. So I know there's going to be something, but I just try not to worry about it.

Kareem Jackson (2:58:39PM): Thank you for all the questions and for taking your time out to join me on the live chat. I'm looking forward to the season and helping the team be as successful as possible.

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