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Houston Texans

Kevin Walter becomes a dad

Wide receiver Kevin Walter became a father on Tuesday when his wife, Caroline, gave birth to their first child – a 6-pound, 20-inch long baby girl.

"Everyone says it's the best day of your life, and it truly was," Walter said. "It's hard to put into words. It's something special, and I just want to go back there and see her right away. My wife and the baby are still in the hospital, and they're doing well.

"I'm excited. I changed the diaper for the first time last night and it took me about 10 minutes to put on one diaper, so I think I can do a better job today."

As of Thursday evening, Walter and his wife had yet to decide on a name for their daughter. They'll pick one for her birth certificate by the time they leave the hospital today.

"We're juggling a few (names)," Walter said. "For all the people that say, if you have a few names picked out and you see your baby's face, you'll know which one it is, that's not true. That's not true at all."

While discussing his baby and fatherhood in the Texans' locker room Thursday, Walter received a suggestion from wide receiver Jacoby Jones.

"Tell them the names you guys made up," Jones said.

A reporter commented that he thought Jacoby wanted Walter to name the baby after him.

"Jaquisha is the number one name," Walter said, smiling. "And then Glendina, after Glenn Martinez. Andrea, after 'Dre (Andre Johnson). We've got some good ones. Those are the top three right there."

Congratulations to the Walter family. Here's a photo of their newborn below:

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