Kevin Walter Question & Answer

Kevin Walter (2:43:06PM): Thanks for joining me today. I'm excited to be back with my teammates for offseason workouts and looking forward to answering your questions.

Cesar Gonzalez - Houston, TX, US: How do you feel to have your contract extented, and be a part of the Houston Texan for the coming 2010 season

Kevin Walter (1:31:39AM): Obviously, it feels great ot be back here with my teammates. I put a lot of work into getting this contract, and I truly belive that hard work pays off and I'm glad to be a part of this organizaiton. It's a first-class organization that's on the rise. We're looking forward to big things around here in 2010, and I just want to be a part of it.

Evan Kaspar - small town, TX, US: Hey Kevin, I'm one of your bigger fans man, i think your pretty underrated but hey thats how it goes. I was wondering how you made it to the NFL and what it feels like lining up across from some of the best corners in the NFL?

Kevin Walter (2:42:30PM): I grew up in Chicago, and I was always a Bears fan and a Walter Payton fan, to tell you the truth. I always dreamed about playing in the NFL, but I just kept working hard each year when I was younger, in high school and then I went to collge and played well. I was a seventh-round draft pick and that's how I got in the league, but it doesn't really matter how you get your foot in the door, it matters what you do with your oportunity once you get it. One thing that people can't take away from you is how hard you work, and I take pride in how hard I work and showing my teammates that I belong out there. The main thing is keeping consistent work habits and trying to get better each year, and I think I've done a pretty good job of that.

Cat Severin - san antonio, TX, US: If you could ONLY improve one skill/quality in your game from last season for this year such as speed, power or whatever, what would it be?

Kevin Walter (2:32:35PM): I think as a receiver, you can always run faster. I feel personally that I can run well, but it doesn't matter who you are, if you're Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerlad or anybody, you can always improve on your speed. That's one thing I'm working on is my explosiveness and speed. Last year was disappointing with the hamstring injury, and this year my hamstring feels 100 percent, so I'm going to work on my speed quite a bit this year.

Kara Corwin - Ypsilanti, MI, US: Hey KW-Why do you wear #83 and not #1 like in college? What does a day in the life of Kevin Walter consist of-workouts, watching film? I'm very proud of you kid!

Kevin Walter (2:33:20PM): What's up, Kara? How you doin'? How's Savannah? Receivers have to stay in the teens or in the 80s in the pros. I wish I could wear #1, but I think the guys would make fun of me for that. After the season, I took two weeks off. I can't sit still, so after that I started working out again. I wake up in the morning early, get some breakfast, go workout, do everything here at the stadium real hard and watch extra film to see what I can improve on. Then I go back and get some lunch and either go to pilates or yoga because I think that really helps out. After that, I go home and spend time with my wife Caroline and our baby daughter Sienna, and then I do it all over again the next day.

nelson zamora - mission, TX, US: what do u think your team will pick in the draft .

Kevin Walter (2:42:50PM): You know, I really don't know. Losing a leader like Dunta, they might have to bring in a corner, but that's just my opinion. You never know what's going to happen on draft day. To tell you the truth, I don't know if they know either. It could be best player or available, or any number of needs they might be looking at. But that's for Rick and the front office to decide.

Kenny Piguee - Brea, CA, US: Hey Kevin! I just wanted to say hey and ask what its like to be around one of the best recievers in the NFL? Do you guys hang out alot? Do you guys share perspectives on defenses and press breaks? Thanks

Kevin Walter (2:34:19PM): During the season, we go out to dinner as a receiving group every Thursday. It's kind of a tradition for the past few years here. Working with 'Dre going on my fifth year, it's been a pleasure. I think he is the best receiver in the league just the way he works, the way he carries himself on and off the field. He's a leader. He doesn't say much, but he doesn't have to. he leads by example. I've been fortunate enough to play with three Pro Bowlers in my career, Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh and and Andre. I try to learn a little bit from these guys, especially from Andre these past few years, and apply it to my game.

Elizabeth - Tyler, TX, US: Kevin, What is the wierdest thing a fan has ever asked you. One of the other players on the team was interveiwed by Texan's TV and he said that someone asked him if they could have his mouthguard!!!Gross!!!!!! Thanks for doing these live chats, Elizabeth P.S. Just wanted to conradulate you on an awsome year!!! You are an invaluble player to the Texans

Kevin Walter (1:50:54AM): No, but I've heard other players. With Jeff Zgonina, someone wrote him a letter in the mail and asked him to sign a jockstrap and send it back. So I thought that was kind of weird. I've been asked to sign some strange things, like a cell phone or someone's hand. I always love signing autographs, but those two kind of caught me off guard.

Cat Severin - san antonio (military), TX, US: What, if anything would need to change this season for people to realize how important you are to this team & for the NFL to give you the recognition you deserve?

Kevin Walter (1:53:40AM): I don't know. I can't really worry about recognition and everything like that. All that I can do is go out there and do my job and hopefully people will recognize that I am working hard every day and helping this team. What do you think? Should I dance a little more?

Rebecca - El Paso, TX, US: Kevin, 1st of all, are you looking foward to playing and beating the Dallas Plowboys(aka Dallas cowboys)this comming year?? Also, which team is your favorite team to play against??? Thank you, Rebecca

Kevin Walter (1:56:14AM): Of course, we're looking forward to beating those guys this year. That's a big rivalry in this state and it has been since we became a franchise. They come down here, so Reliant Stadium is going to be rocking and rolling and it's going to be a lot of fun. There's not a certain team that I love playing against the most, but I seem to always have big games in Jacksonville.

Eric Grizzard - Memphis, TN, US: Kevin--so glad you came back to the Texans!! You are a huge positive for the team. How do you compare the Texans orginization to others? They seem like a different type of team to me, class all the way, all the time.

Kevin Walter (2:36:14PM): Abaolstley. This organization is first-class all the way. It starts with Mr. McNair and the front office and trickles down to the players. As players, we have a head coach here in Coach Kubiak that we love to play for. He knows the game and he played it before, so he knows what we're going through, and that makes you want to win for him. That's important to have in your organization.

Rachel - Houston, TX, US: Kevin, If I recall correctly you have a child, or children. What is your favorite thing to do with him or her? Thanks, Rachel

Kevin Walter (2:03:28PM): Yes, I have a four-month-old daughter, Sienna. She was born on Dec. 1. My favorite thing to do with her is watch her play. She loves her play mat. She has something called a kicking coaster. it's kind of like a squat rack, I call it. She sits on it and pushes her legs back and forth; I guess it's supposed to help her strengthen her legs. I also enjoy watching TV with her. Even though she's young, she watches cartoons and all that. One thing i'm getting better at is changing diapers. The first time I did it, it took me about five minutes. I clocked myself the other day and I was at about 14 seconds, so I'm pretty pumped about that.

Donnie Denelius - Houston, TX, US: Kevin, I'm trying to meet single ladies. Do you think driving a minivan is hindering my progress?

Kevin Walter (2:43:26PM): No man, you're all good. Once you end up having children, you're already taken care of. The minvan shows the ladies that you're ready for a commitment.

Becky - Houston, TX, US: Kevin, Who do you think the funniest player on the team is and why? Thanks for answering my question, Becky P.S. Congradulations on an absolutly amazing season, you played wonderful!!!!

Kevin Walter (2:08:32PM): Thanks, I appreciate it. The funniest player on the team would have to be David Anderson. He's got different accents. He does great impressions of teammates. My favorite is his Antonio Smith impression. In the dog days of training camp, you're tired and you're body's hurting, but you can calways count on Dave to make you laugh and get you through it, and you appreciate guys like that because it always keeps things light.

Steven Wilkerson - Pearland, TX, US: Everyone talks about yall going to the play offs or if you guys will make it this year. But I always say the team should be only aiming for the Superbowl or multiple Super Bowls. Is the team goal aimed at the playoffs or are yall going to start thinking about a SB win?

Kevin Walter (2:12:39PM): Absolutely, our goal is to win the Super Bowl. That's why we play the game; that's why we're in this business. Since we've never made the playoffs, that's why people keep talking about it, but as players, our mindset is always to win a championship. That's the way I feel, and I know my teammates feel the same way.

Anthony - Clear Lake, TX, US: Howdy Kevin! I was very excited when I heard that you would be a Texan next season. I was curious to hear just in general what you think about the city, Reliant Stadium, Bob McNair, your coaches, and the players. Thanks, and I can't wait to see you play next season.

Kevin Walter (2:16:03PM): First of all, Houston is a wonderful city to live in. My wife and I are both form big cities (Chicago and New York), so we love the city life. But it's also really easy to get away from the city here in Houston. Playing at Reliant Stadium on Sundays is awesome. It's a beautiful stadium. I talk to players across the league, and a lot of guys say that Reliant Stadium is their favorite stadium to play in. I especially enjoy playing here because the fans are behind our team 100 percent, and we appreciate that because we can count on them to be loud and give us that homefield advantage every week.

matthew ballard - houston, TX, US: Are you going to be back to your 800 plus recieving yards seeing as you are one of the top number 2 recivers in the league

Kevin Walter (2:38:02PM): If you have a fantasy football league, draft me this year, because you can count on me getting over 800 yards. You never know how many opportunities you'll have, but I can guarantee you I'm going to catch everything thrown my way and I'm going to produce when called upon. I'm really excited about this season, and I'm looking forward to getting back and having the best year of my career.

Carrie - Hockley, TX, US: Kevin, Why do veteran players like you haze(or terrorize)the new rookies that you get in the Draft??? Carrie

Kevin Walter (2:38:49PM): Here, there's not really any hazing. There's a little fun that we have where the rookies get up in front of the team and coaches and sing a song during training camp, but then they're done. It's very, very light. Some teams, the rookies can be sitting at lunch or dinner with the team, and wherever they are, if a veteran calls you out you've got to stand up on a table in front of everybody and sing numerous times. Sometimes they won't even let you eat until sing a song. They might tie you up and throw you in the cold tub or tie you to the goal post and drench you in Gatorade, so that's no fun. It's all in fun and games, but we take it lightly on the rookies here.

Aaron - Houston, TX, US: Kevin, Glad to see you will be back with us again in 2010. What has the atmosphere been like at the strength and conditioning workouts? Are you guys ready to carry over the success from the end of 2009 season into 2010? This is our year! GO TEXANS!!!

Kevin Walter (2:39:24PM): Absolutely. We won our last four games, so we're trying to stay on that streak heading into next season. We've got a new strength coach in Cedric Smith, who came from Kansas City. It's a lot different in the weight room than it was last year, using more squat racks and power cleans. I think that's good for everybody. It helps with explosiveness and getting faster. Everything that he's doing, I think it's going to help us quite a bit as a team. Last week was the first week of the offseason program. It was great to see everybody that I hadn't seen in about three months. Everybody knows it's time to work, and it's just good to be back.

bob - houston, TX, US: do you play madden 10

Kevin Walter (2:44:04PM): No. A lot of guys do, but not me. I stick with Tiger Woods golf, and I play HALO and Call of Duty. Those are my games. I'll get online and play them sometimes when I have some free time.

Jose - Missouri City, TX, US: Do you think we going to make to play off this year?

Kevin Walter (2:29:49PM): I absolutely guarantee you we'll make the playoffs in 2010. We've been moving the ball well the past few years on offense. Our defense really made some improvements last year and finished the season strong. We've got all the pieces in place, and we just need to put it together and play consistent football, and we'll be right there.

Kevin Walter (2:41:01PM): OK, thanks for sending in your questions. I really appreciate everybody's support. We're all looking forward to having a great year in 2010; you can count on us to get the job done.

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