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Houston Texans

Kicking back in Hawaii

How's everyone doing? This is DeMeco Ryans checking in from Hawaii, where I'm getting ready for the 2008 Pro Bowl. It's been a lot of fun out here and I'm enjoying hanging out with all of these great players from around the league.

We are obviously preparing for a game here, but it's not all business, which is nice for everyone. Aside from practice, nobody really talks too much about football. Everyone has just been hanging out and relaxing by the pool a lot here at the Ihilani Resort. This place is great.

One of the benefits of playing in the Pro Bowl is that I get to meet some of the best players in the NFL. Ray Lewis is one of my teammates. He'll probably retire as one of the best linebackers to ever play in the NFL.

I haven't really picked his brain on any football stuff because we're all here just having fun. I might see what he has to say on some football-related things, because I'm sure he's picked up a lot of knowledge in his years in the league. But in a sense, I feel like I want to set my own standard and play the game how I play the game. If I keep playing the game the way I have so far, I think it will allow me to come back to Hawaii for some more Pro Bowl trips. So far, my approach has been pretty successful. Hard work pays off.

There are a few guys here from the AFC South. The Tennessee Titans sent defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch here, as well as defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and kicker Rob Bironas. Also, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor is here for the first time, which is hard to believe since he's been so successful in his career.

This is only my second year in the league, and for me to be out here and to be so young is a blessing. He's had a great career, and to see him finally out here in his tenth year, it really makes me appreciate making the Pro Bowl a lot more.

Anyways, back to my original point, I think the AFC South has good Pro Bowl representation, but it could've been more. I think everyone knows that our division is the toughest division in football. We had three of our teams in the playoffs. So it's a very tough environment, and it would've been nice if a few more players from the AFC South made the Pro Bowl.

I have to run. A lot of my family is in town, so I have to catch up with them.

Thanks for checking in and I'll post another blog soon.


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