Kubiak excited for kickoff

After practice today, head coach Gary Kubiak admitted that he was nervous for the upcoming contest versus the Chiefs, not because he feels unprepared, but because it's his first game as a head coach. Totally understandable.

Based on what I've seen so far in camp, I expect the team to look crisp tomorrow. As an example of how disciplined the Texans practice, the team had a quasi-walkthrough today (players reacted to plays full speed, and then slowed down), and Charles Spencer jumped offsides on one play. The offense already had run through several plays, and Kubiak made the team start over the entire series. Kubiak expects precision, and he doesn't settle for less.

As far as players to watch Saturday, look for rookie running backs Chris Taylor and Wali Lundy to assert themselves. Out of all the runners, Taylor has the best straight-ahead speed. I think running backs coach Chick Harris is trying to work with him on not running so upright, but Taylor is improving daily. Lundy, on the other hand, has great vision and elusiveness.

Check back tomorrow for some more thoughts leading up to kickoff.

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