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Kubiak: "I've never been so proud of a group"

Check out **this great video footage** from inside the Texans' locker room after the team's 34-27 comeback victory over the New England Patriots in the season finale on Jan. 3.

Head coach Gary Kubiak kicks things off with an emotional postgame speech after his team finished with the first winning record in Texans history.

"I've never been so proud of a group, or so proud to be a part of a group," Kubiak said to the team. "It didn't look good. It didn't look good a month ago, 5-7. We re-grouped, rallied, (won) four in a row. It didn't look good in the fourth quarter, down by 14 to a championship football team. One thing about this group, its (butt) was not going to be denied today."

Kubiak then threw the game ball to Texans owner Bob McNair, who was prompted by players to make a speech of his own.

"You guys just played with so much heart today, and you just weren't going to be denied," McNair said.

"You showed what you're capable of doing. You went out and beat one of the best teams in the league. You did it and overcame so adversity along the way, and that's what growing up is all about as a team. I think you've done that."

The video is much better than this blog post, believe me. So **check it out** on Texans TV.

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