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Kubiak presser notes

Here are some updates from Texans coach Gary Kubiak's 3:30 p.m. weekly press conference, as posted on my Twitter page during the presser.

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  • Texans coach Gary Kubiak just announced that rookie TE Anthony Hill is out for season with a torn ACL (**42 minutes ago**)
  • Kubiak was impressed with rookie RB Arian Foster yesterday. Said they plan to get him more involved (**41 minutes ago**)
  • Kubiak on rookie CB Brice McCain, who's been improving on special teams & defense: "You're going to see him play some more football." (**37 minutes ago**)

Hill, a fourth-round draft pick out of North Carolina State, had one catch in five games this season. Here's some of what Kubiak said about his injury:

"We didn't know the severity of his injury (during the game). We knew he got hurt. He ended up playing. He played like 10-12 plays in the game, then they checked him out today and he did have a tear. I think it's the same one he tore in college, so he's got a long road ahead of him. So we'll get that fixed as quick as possible."

Look for more in Drew Dougherty's press conference recap, coming to you later this afternoon on

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