Kubiak: "We're down to the draft"

The Texans have a philosophy of building through the draft, so they tend to be a relatively quiet team in free agency. It appears as though they won't be making much more noise this year in that department.

"Whatever our issues are – our problems, so to speak; our deficiencies – we're down to the draft in how we're going to approach those," Kubiak said in an interview with NFL Network's Jason La Confora in Orlando, Fla. "And it's time to get to work on that when we get back and get in our draft meetings."

That's not surprising, given that free agency is almost three weeks old and most top-level players already have signed new contracts. And with the free agent player pool diluted to begin with because of changes to the NFL's unrestricted free agent policy this year, there simply aren't (and haven't been) many players out there who fit the Texans' free-agent preference of being a younger player who's on the rise.

Kubiak's comments suggest that ex-Chiefs guard/center Wade Smith might very well be the only 2010 free agent the Texans bring in to compete for a starting spot. The team's other areas of need, as listed in February by Texans owner Bob McNair, are at running back, defensive tackle, cornerback and safety.

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