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Let's Get It Started

Many of you haven't had much new to say on the airwaves about the team because you haven't seen them yet. After five weeks of off season practice I have a pretty good idea of what we're going to get but there are still many unanswered questions.

Let's assume Dunta comes back in time to start against the Jets. It's likely Fred Bennett is your third corner. But I'm anxious to see what Glover Quinn can do. It's too bad Antwan Molden is banged up because he needs to give the coaches a better idea of what he has.

Xavier Adibi, Zach Diles and Cato June are going to have a war opposite Brian Cushing. Travis Johnson's hernia surgery could open a door for Deljuan Robinson or Shawn Cody but it's still the 'nole's job to lose. Amobi Okoye may be younger than many rookies but he has to produce in year three.

The offense is like a breath of fresh air except at running back where the depth chart falls off a cliff after Steve Slaton. Nothing against Chris Brown but assuming oft-injured running backs stay healthy around here has not been a solid bet.

Arian Foster looked good in OTAs but now it's time to put on some pads and shine in a preseason game or two. If I was coaching I might not play Slaton, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson much at all. They don't need the work and you have to have a long look at the reserve backs and Dan Orlovsky. Come to think of it, Brown just needs to get enough carries to look like he belongs then sit until the bell rings against the Jets

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