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Let the Good Times Roll | Daily Brew

nick bre

Let's rewind the clock and go back to the level of freak-out (by some) after day one of the negotiating period of free agency.

Let's zoom ahead to Wednesday of this week when news broke that Stefon Diggs was coming here and the Texans would be the talk of the NFL.


I suppose you can't fault some people for wanting instant gratification. In the last 14 months, the Texans have treated us to more off-field emotional spikes than any time in their history.

The DeMeco Ryans hiring was like a quad shot of espresso through an IV.

2023 Draft night sent our spirits soaring into another galaxy.

NFL Honors was a sleigh ride through nirvana. The fan base has grown to anticipate the off-field football dopamine hit.

Day two of the negotiating period brought us Danielle Hunter. An EKG on me would have looked like an illustration of Everest. Then Joe Mixon showed up, along with several other key acquisitions.

I was 'good' with everything, waiting on the draft. Then – DIGGS! What!? Pinch me. The Texans, already one of the best passing attacks in the NFL, add a premiere aerial playmaker!?

Yes they did. And it's going to be so much fun to watch. I imagine Bobby Slowik has worn out his dry-erase board, coming up with all the possible plays for Diggs, Nico, Tank, Joe, Dalton and the trigger man, C.J. Let's go!

What a year, already! We have the uniform reveal coming up on draft week, then the draft, then OTAs and minicamp.

The schedule will come out in May. The Traveling Texans will have many decisions to make on what games to attend. With all the hype, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Grateful Dead-like touring fanbase.

Having the Hall of Fame game and Andre Johnson induction weekend added to the mix makes this even more special.

Look, I'm the first to tell you that the only thing that matters is Week One. Then you take it from there. But you can't help to get caught up in a tsunami of excitement this offseason. It keeps building and we're all eager to see where it goes. Enjoy every moment.

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