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Houston Texans

Life in the offseason

Hi Texans Fans!

The season is officially over and I bet you all are wondering what the Houston Texans Cheerleaders do when we are not practicing and preparing for game days. I am making a few trips to visit friends and family, then I put on my game face. Really, the Cheerleaders' offseason is not as glamorous as it seems. You see, tryouts are generally held in April which does not give a cheerleader much time to get back in "game day" shape. I plan on getting all of my ducks in a row in the beginning of February. This involves hitting the gym almost everyday, taking dance classes and figuring out what to wear for tryouts. For now, I am anticipating the trips I have planned to Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto.

One thing that the off-season does not prepare me for is the longing for time with my teammates. We are used to seeing each other almost every day and now we have to spend an agonizing three months apart! Well, we actually do get to visit each other from time to time, but I still miss seeing all of my teammates at practice. Go Texans!

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