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Lindsay excited about Japan

The time has finally come!! Tomorrow morning, Nicole, Tracy, Jessica, Andrea, Megan W. and I will take off to Tokyo, Japan to visit the Army troops at Camp Zama. I cannot begin to describe how incandescently happy I am to represent the Houston Texans and how BLESSED we are to have been chosen for such an amazing trip! I have never flown this far before, so I was a little apprehensive for a few weeks leading up to the day. Now that it is finally here I can't feel anything else in the world except excitement and wonder for the incredible experience we are about to have.

I can definitely tell you that packing wasn't easy. I've been going down my list of countless items and will be tying up all loose ends today before our departure early tomorrow morning. When I say EARLY, I'm talking 3:45 a.m. wake-up time! We have a pretty early departure to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Tracy will be my roommate in Japan and my early morning wake-up call to make sure that my behind is out of bed and ready to go! I'm a heavy sleeper and a "Snooze Button" lover! Don't let me down Tracy! Ha!

I think I've got my 13hr. 25 min. "Flight Survival Kit" finally put together. I'm packing the I-pod, books, journals, school books/reviews (to get that extra study time in on the plane), and other necessities to keep my wandering mind busy during the flight.

My family is so excited for me. I think my Mom is a little nervous, and naturally so. Her baby girl is going across the world! I'm sure this is the same for the other girls too. Everyone is so energized and ready to see the base and meet our troops!

This trip will be really special for Andrea, whose birthday is today! We will be celebrating her birthday throughout our stay in Japan. What a great birthday present for Andrea! Happy Birthday!

Well, I'm going to wrap it up here. I will do my best to blog on the plane, and as soon as we get to Japan and get settled I will post an update again!!

Here's to a safe and blessed trip across the world!!


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