Liquid lime and the Houston Texans YMCA

And then I asked, "What does the liquid lime do?"

When paving a parking lot, you use liquid lime to stabilize the soil so that when the dirt expands and contracts, the concrete above it doesn't crack. They've thought of everything, I tell ya!

I learned this last week when I visited the construction site of the new Houston Texans YMCA at the corner of Griggs Rd. and Martin Luther King Blvd. It will replace the South Central branch of years past and is the most obvious culmination of a larger partnership between our hometown team and one of the great beacon organizations in our communities.

Sparked by donations from The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation and the Houston Texans Foundation, the Houston Texans YMCA is the first YMCA branch to be named for a professional sports franchise. It's slated to open in the fall of 2010, complete with splash park!

The construction book—several feet by several feet and easily three inches thick—provides more details than you or I could understand, but also offers a big-picture glimpse into this wonderful plan. The list of amenities and special projects is growing constantly, so I'll be back as construction progresses to report on some of the great things the third ward and greater Houston can expect from the new facility!

Check out live construction updates via our construction cam here!

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