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Houston Texans

Look at the bright side

Yes, the Texans coughed up an ugly fur ball Sunday at Jacksonville, but there's good news.

They are still 3-3. But unless they get this thing fixed soon, things won't be so good. I predicted 8-8. Looks like they are right on track.

The defense is starting to not like the fact that the offense can't score a touchdown. You can tell.

But before anyone on Richard Smith's side of the ball points any fingers, I'd suggest they figure out a way to not give up 244 yards rushing on any given Sunday.

This isn't about pointing fingers. This was a total team meltdown – one that might not even deserve a second look in film study this week. Burn it and move on. Win next week and all is forgiven. Jax will be at Reliant later in the season. Get your revenge then.

Things I liked about Sunday's game at Jacksonville:

  • The first drive of the game – all the way down to the point when it was 1st and goal at the Jags' 3-yard line. Things I didn't like:
  • Settling for yet another field goal on that drive
  • Allowing a 76-yard run to Fred Taylor on the ensuing drive Things I liked:
  • Anthony Maddox's sack on the play just before Taylor's long run.
  • The Texans' second drive of the game. Seven plays, 67 yards. Mixing it up nicely and keeping Jax off-balance. Things I didn't like:
  • André Davis doing his best Jabar Gaffney impersonation, losing the ball, 7 points, and the momentum for the rest of the game. It should have been 14-0 at that point and most certainly would have been a different game if that was the case.
  • Matt Schaub missing a wide open Kevin Walter in the endzone on the play just before Davis' fumble.
  • The lack of pressure on Garrard after the first quarter. Things I liked:
  • Forcing a Reggie Williams fumble on the Jags' second drive, getting set up with nice field position and getting another opportunity to get some of those lost points back. Things I didn't like:
  • The Texans making the least of that opportunity with one of the ugliest 3-and-outs you will see. Things I liked:
  • Getting yet another Reggie Williams fumble served up on a platter at the 12:00 mark of the second quarter. Texans ball at the Jags 40. Okay, how many chances like this are you going to get? Things I didn't like:
  • Settling for yet another field goal on that drive after having a 1st and 10 at the Jags 19. Momentum gone. The defense is sensing "it."
  • The Texans allowing the Jags to go 76 yards in 13 plays, with six first downs and a touchdown at 3:56 of the second quarter to take a lead they wouldn't relinquish.
  • The Texans sleeping on an onside kick.
  • The Texans allowing the Jags to go 81 yards in 14 plays, with seven first downs and a touchdown to open the second half
  • A pass interference call on DeMeco Ryans that wasn't pass interference
  • A holding call on Fred Bennett that probably should have been called on Reggie Williams. Things I liked:
  • The Texans recovering a muffed punt in Jax territory at 6:44 of the 3rd quarter.
  • The Texans somehow pulling within a touchdown with another FG. Things I didn't like:
  • Settling for yet another field goal despite a 1st down at the Jax 21 yard line.
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