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Mario is a beast

I mentioned this in a blog at the beginning of the week, but I can't let it go. Mario Williams looked like a beast in mini-camp. The defensive end was faster and stronger than ever and he dominated in every rep he took.

Last year's 14-sack season could pale in comparison to what he has in store for 2008. If you don't believe me, check out this **video** of Super Mario destroying tackling dummies last weekend.

After Williams pounded the dummies to the ground, the entire group was speechless - even defensive line coaches Jethro Franklin and Frank Bush who constantly bark at high-decimal levels during workouts.

In practice, Williams made it a habit of tossing aside left tackles and standing next to the quarterback. Matt Schaub must have been thankful the players were just in shorts and no tackling was allowed.

Also catching my eye in the video is defensive tackle Jeff Zgonina, who knocked down dummies like a Viking swinging a club. This guy is entering his 16th year in the league and never seems to tire. Maybe it's because he's supported by what I believe are the strongest legs in the NFL.

Defensive tackle Tim Bulman turned in a valiant effort in the drill. Bully is a work-hard guy who spent most of the last two seasons on the Texans' practice squad before getting activated in December. He plays with a mean streak and goes all out every chance he gets.

That kind attitude could be the key ingredient to making the team's d-line one of the best the league this year. Add in defensive tackles Amobi Okoye and Travis Johnson and whole lot of Mario, and you have a recipe for something great.

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  • Brooke Bentley
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