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Matt Turk Question & Answer

Ross - Dickinson, TX, US: Matt, First off let me say great season. Special teams is such an integral part of pro football. Being one of the best punters in the NFL, how do you feel about the Texans special teams in 2010?

Matt Turk (2:30:20PM):

Thanks for joining me today for the live chat. I'm looking forward to answering your questions.

Ross, I'm confident that we'll be even better than we were in 2009. This past year, we had one of the top punt coverage and kickoff coverage teams in the NFL. Also, we have two dangerous returners in Jacoby and Andre Davis. So the future looks bright.

John - Spring, TX, US: How do you think that Schaub's MVP yesterday will help motivate the team going into next season?

Matt Turk (2:30:39PM): I don't think that Matt's Pro Bowl MVP changes the way we feel about him as a player. We already know that he's talented and one of the best at what he does.

John - Spring, TX, US: After Kris Brown missed the kick against the Patriots, I watched him walk to the bench and sit down for a few seconds and then he got up and started kicking. After that he made the rest of his kicks. How do you calm yourself down and fight through the pressure?

Matt Turk (2:32:58PM): As a kicker, you realize that the most important kick is your next kick. If you don't forget about your last kick, it will affect what you do on your next one. Mentally, you go back to your mechanics and basic train of thought. In the pros, you learn that pretty quickly.

Murtaza Narejo - Corpus Christi, TX, US: What do you predict to be the Texans 2010 record ?

Matt Turk (2:34:02PM):

It's tough to predict not knowing which injuries could occur. Barring any major injuries, we'll be better than last year.

Trevor Thompson - Gaithersburg, MD, US: What first 3 picks are we looking at for the first 3 rounds. Also what safties are we looking to get. we really need one in the first round. I hope taylor mays or earl Thomas. which picks do you think we will get?

Matt Turk (2:34:38PM): As long as we don't draft a punter, we'll be fine:)

shamar - milwaukee, WI, US: how old are you

Matt Turk (2:35:00PM): It depends on what website you check.

Ted Heard - Abernathy, TX, US: How come Bryan Pittman returning to the team was such a big deal for you and Kris Brown?

Matt Turk (2:38:16PM): Ted, I think it was important for us because it gave us back that sense of chemistry that we had for three consecutive years. It also allowed us during practice to get the extra work, because Joel Dreessen was busy playing tight end. Timing is also important. We already had a sense of confidence with Bryan because we'd worked with him and knew what to expect.


Matt Turk (2:40:06PM): I think it will happen naturally going through what we went through in 2009. We'll have the experience of playing in close games under our belts.

Carson Montgomery - Denver, CO, US: When you're holding on kicks/extra points, what do you yell to have the ball snapped to you? Hut? Hike? Something else? Nothing? How does that work?

Matt Turk (2:41:58PM): Actually, I don't say anything. We have a silent count. Pittman snaps the ball at different intervals throughout the game to keep the defense from being able to anticipate the snap. Kris will begin his steps when he sees my down hand move up to catch the snap.

Casey Deskins - Pikeville, KY, US: What's more important: hang time or distance?

Matt Turk (2:44:35PM): I think hang time without a doubt. I've had my coach ask me to take distance off and give him more hang time so we can cover a kick and eliminate a good returner. But I've never had a coach ask me to take off hang time in exchange for distance. Eventually, the long, low punts will come back to burn you.

Brent Cortez - Dallas, TX, US: Does Joe Marciano give you the option to go for a fake punt, if you think you can get the yards?

Matt Turk (2:47:32PM): He has told me as long as I get the first down, there won't be a problem. Fortunately, all my fakes with the Texans have worked out well. The first thing I look at before a fake is the defensive front of the return team. Then I will actually look up at the rush until the last second before I punt. If I see them turn their backs or I see a guy come free, I can adjust from there. I also consider the game situation and field position before I try a fake.

Randy Remington - Houston, TX, US: Lady GaGa or Britney Spears?

Matt Turk (2:48:01PM): Fergie.

jaxon - jenks, OK, US: what was your best game?

Matt Turk (2:50:39PM): I have 17 years to think about this. Although I have 14 NFL seasons under my belt, I attended some NFL training camps for a few years before I caught on with a team. When I was with the Dolphins, we played the Patriots in Miami one season and all my punts were inside the New England 10-yard line and it was a close game, so my punts played a big role in us winning.

Mac Hayter - Keller, TX, US: In high school and college, did you play any other positions besides punter? Also, have you ever popped anybody good with a tackle in a game lately?

Matt Turk (2:55:24PM): Yes and yes. In college, I played tight end as well as outside linebacker in goal line situations. I didn't realize I was going to be a punter until I had a tryout at tight end and punter with the Arizona Cardinals, and the special teams coach told me to focus on one or the other. I thought I could do them both, but my brother told me if I were going to pick one I should choose punter. It's by far the best position on the team.

To answer your second question, I have gotten some good hits. This year, I got into it with one of the Colts players after one of my punts. That was fun.

Will Sale - Dallas, TX, US: I hear you guys say that Kevin Bentley was awesome in terms of punt coverage. What do you mean, and what separates him from other special teams guys?

Matt Turk (2:56:40PM): Kevin Bentley probably could have been a Pro Bowl special teamer this year. He made plays in all areas of our special teams. He's a smart player and he studies a lot of film.

BILLY - Lubbock, TX, US: Would you be capable of kicking field goals, I would figure if your kicking would be as good as your punting lets try it.

Matt Turk (2:59:11PM): I could get us through a game, but there is a reason why teams employ two people for the two jobs. Considering the two different motions and the amount of kicking throughout an entire season, eventually your performance would suffer.

Jesse Draingos - Galveston, TX, US: Do you get more amped up over any team in particular? Also, do you listen to any certain type of music to prepare for a game?

Matt Turk (1:01:19PM): I got amped up for the Dolphins game, but I get amped up for every game. I can't stand the Colts. As far as music, I put my Christian music in and get my mind right.

Trevor Thompson - gaithersburg, MD, US: Who do you think is our best first pick that is realistic.

Matt Turk (1:03:31PM):

I don't think we have any glaring needs that would prevent us from drafting whoever the best player available is in the first round.

Richard Dynamite - Boise, ID, US: Do you think you could punt a football over them mountains?

Matt Turk (1:04:13PM): With a little tailwind, heck yeah!

Justin Voorhees - Corpus Christi, TX, US: Matt do you see the team maybe signing any big free-agents this off-season to help improve the team even more and become a bigger threat next season?

Matt Turk (1:05:57PM): I don't know the specific rules of free agency in an uncapped year, so it's tough for me to answer that question. The biggest free agent I'll be focusing on is myself.

Ash - Pearland, TX, US: Do you think you can hit the Dallas video screen?

Matt Turk (1:09:19PM): Without a doubt. I'll try to knock that thing off its hinges when I play there. I don't like that the videoboard could force me to re-kick, especially because if I hit the videoboard, that would most likely be a great punt. And if I hit it twice in a row, now I have to punt until I hit a poor punt.

Wally Monroe - Tampa, FL, US: Matt, big Texans fans here, and congrats on another nice season. We hope you keep punting for a long time, but what do you plan on doing when you call it quits?

Matt Turk (1:10:59PM): I'll start to think about that in another 8-10 years. Got any suggestions?

LaTausha - Houston, TX, US: Will you be the new kicker? Is Kris Brown still the starting kicker?

Matt Turk (1:12:07PM): Kris is the starting kicker. Check out my previous answer above.

John - League City, TX, US: Hey Matt, how's it going? What do you think led to DeMeco's great season?

Matt Turk (1:13:48PM): Every season, DeMeco has been great. His work ethic is what allows him to be so good. Whether it's in practice, or in the film room or the weight room, he's always working to get better. That's why he's one of our team leaders.

Putnam Ruggovich - Wellesley, MA, US: Which do you find more satisfying: a good read about American History, or a nice flight on an airplane. And why?

Matt Turk (1:16:09PM): Neither. I don't like to fly and when I read, it's the Bible.

Also, I have time for another question or two. So keep them coming.

John - Spring, TX, US: Do you think the fans of the NFL under appriciate the skill required to be a kicker?

Matt Turk (1:19:25PM):

OK, last question. Thanks for all of your questions so far.

It's the story of a punter's life, we get no respect!

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