McNair on draft: "I feel very good about it"

Before receiving a philanthropic award from the DePelchin's Children Center on Thursday, Texans owner Bob McNair made his first public comments about the 2010 draft during a brief session with Houston media.

"We had our certain needs, and I think we filled those needs with players of value at the draft picks that we had and I think they're going to make a real contribution to our team," McNair said. "I feel very good about it. I think we were very solid."

The Texans are coming off a 9-7 season in which they missed the playoffs by virtue of a tiebreaker with the New York Jets. McNair said his team added two key pieces in the draft in cornerback Kareem Jackson and running back Ben Tate, the Texans' first two picks.

"The big thing we wanted to do was to complement our offense with a big running back, and we certainly did that," McNair said. "And then the other thing is, we wanted to get us a cornerback that was really tough and would tackle. And that was the issue with some of the other cornerbacks: They're not as tough. Now, for some other team, that might serve their purpose better. But for us, we wanted somebody that not only could cover but also would tackle. If you'll recall the first three games of the last year, we had a little problem with that. We didn't want to see a repeat of that, and I think that this need will be filled with Kareem."

During the draft, McNair sits in the Texans' war room directly in front of general manager Rick Smith and head coach Gary Kubiak.

"Before each pick, we have a lot of conversation in the draft room, and Rick will talk with the scouts and he'll talk with the coaches and he'll ask a show of hands as to who likes this candidate and who likes the other one, and then Gary Kubiak will have his input, and if I have anything to say I'll tell them what my thoughts are," McNair said. "Then you sort of discuss it and the pros and cons and make a decision and move on. But it's a very orderly process in the midst of chaos."

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