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Meet Coach Chris Dudley | Coach of the Week

Week 6

Coach of the Week: Chris Dudley
School: Cinco Ranch High School
Years Coaching: 21

Why I coach: "I love coaching because of the difference you can make in young kids lives. As coaches we have an opportunity to grow young people and develop their character, discipline, and how to handle adversity. I love coaching because of the competitiveness and challenges as well. High school athletics provides the purest form of sport in our country today."

Most rewarding/fulfilling part of the job: "The best part of my job is to see a team develop from a start point through the end point of that particular team. There is so much growth as a team, as teammates, in their personal lives, and representatives of our community. We have a duty as coaches to help develop our student athletes into outstanding citizens once they leave Cinco Ranch HS."

Most misunderstood thing about the coaching profession: "The word "profession." Many don't understand that here in Texas, coaches are educators. Coaches are teachers of academic subjects. The amount of professional development as a teacher and a coach is like no other place in the USA. This is what we do for a living, it is not a part time gig. We take it serious and are proud of the role we have. We are lucky to have athletic periods during the school day, which allows us to evaluate, grow, and develop our student athletes each day during the school year. The kids we coach leave high school with a competitive edge in whatever endeavor or path they choose to do."

Important school initiatives: "We have a servant mentality with our football team. In the past year, we have done small things like give our band popsicles, make Coke floats for our trainers, put together goodie bags for our volleyball team, and bigger service projects like contributing to food drives, visiting with elderly at a local retirement home. Each fall our football team captains take part in a Red Ribbon (Say No to Drugs) Pep Rally at Creech Elementary. We are looking to reach even farther and wider this year and in the coming years with service projects."