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Meet Coach Jarvis Kelley | Coach of the Week

Week 5

Coach of the Week: Jarvis Kelley
School: Westbury High School
Years Coaching: 16

Why I coach: "I coach because playing sports in high school helped mold me into the person I am today. Sports taught me how to overcome adversity in life, and this is my opportunity to pay that gift forward to the next generation of student-athletes. My coaching philosophy is simply based on keeping things simple so the kids can play fast."

Most rewarding/fulfilling part of the job: "The most rewarding part of my job is to see all the student-athletes develop and excel in their preferred sport and growing up to be responsible adults."

Most misunderstood thing about the coaching profession: "The most misunderstood thing about coaching is people don't understand the challenges coaches are faced with when they have to be fully committed to the team and their families. Balance is an underestimated skill set."

Important school initiatives: "We are looking forward to our upcoming community outreach event where our student-athletes will participate in the Houston Food Bank Drive assisting families in need."