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Meet Coach Jim Shewmake | Coach of the Week

Week 7

Coach of the Week: Jim Shewmake
School: Alvin High School
Years Coaching: 43

Why I coach: "I lost my father, and it was just mom and me. My coaches were my male role models and I watched them closely. Cal Steveson, Bill Herron, and Lewis Boomer were huge to me in junior high. They coached me, loved me, and helped me make it through my junior high years. At Odessa High School, I was able to play for some outstanding men. Head Coach Dick Winder and his entire staff were special. Joe Casas and Harry Ray were the two, along with Coach Winder, I worked with the closest. They praised effort over everything. Playing for them was special. I felt special every day and I have tried to give that to the kids I have coached over the years."

Most rewarding/fulfilling part of the job: "Wow in so many ways. I see former players as outstanding husbands and fathers and that is the best. Seeing these high school boys grow up to be fine men means so much to me. College graduates, Ph.D.'s, military service. I hope that the things we taught them helped them succeed. I love it when they text, call, or invite me for dinner when they are in Houston. It means so much."

Most misunderstood thing about the coaching profession: "I am a parent and I tried not to be subjective in thinking about playing time, etc.. when they were growing up. Parents love their children and want what's best and we love them too. But in the coaching profession, we have to make our decisions objectively."