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Meet Coach Kelvin Chatham | Coach of the Week

Week 2

Coach of the Week: Kelvin Chatham
School: Booker T. Washington High School
Years Coaching: 8

Why I coach: "The reason why I coach is because there was a coach in my life who changed my life and I want to give the same opportunity to the kids that I coach. No matter what their different struggles are or where they come from, whether it a good or bad environment, I want to give them the opportunity to let football take them to places that they would not normally be able to go because that's what the game did for me."

Most rewarding/fulfilling part of the job: "The most rewarding part of my job is when I see these kids walk across the stage and graduate and then go play football at the next level."

Most misunderstood coaching profession: "The most misunderstood thing about being a coach is that most people think we're just coaches. In all actuality, we don't just come to work and put on a whistle, we wear the title of sometimes kid's moms, dads, doctors, preacher, lawyers, etc."

Important school initiatives: "One thing that we do is give up one day of practice and devoted to study hall so that I can ensure all of my kids are passing their classes. We take grades very seriously with our program."