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Meet Coach Kevin Berneathy | Coach of the Week

Week 5
La Porte High School
Years Coaching: 16**

How long have you been coaching? Where did your career begin? College\university you attended?

I have had the privilege of coaching for an extensive 16-year period. My coaching journey commenced during my time as a student coach at Arkansas High School in Texarkana, Arkansas, where we achieved the remarkable feat of winning the 6A State Championship. In 2007, I transitioned into my professional coaching career at LaPorte High School, where I served on the Freshman Staff under the guidance of Coach LaReau.

Before embarking on my coaching career, I had the honor of attending and playing football at Southern Arkansas University, where I established myself as an All-Conference, regional, and American offensive lineman. These experiences have not only honed my coaching skills but have also enriched my understanding of the game. I look forward to many more successful years in the coaching field.

Why do you coach? (share coaching philosophy\why you decided to coach on high school level, etc.)

I am passionate about coaching, and my inspiration stems from my father, who dedicated many years to coaching at the high school level. As a child, I spent countless hours in the field house of Ball High School, where I witnessed firsthand the positive impact that coaches can have on young lives. I coach because of the players. My goal is to provide them with the most enriching and memorable high school football experience possible.

I firmly believe that the game of football offers valuable life lessons, teaching young individuals the resilience to persevere when faced with adversity. Life is filled with challenges, and learning to rise up after setbacks is a vital skill that football imparts on these young minds.

Ultimately, I coach to instill in these young people the understanding that life is not always easy, but it is their ability to stand tall in the face of adversity that truly defines their character. Through the game of football, I hope to empower them with the strength and determination to tackle life's challenges head-on.

What is the most rewarding\fulfilling part of your job?

The most fulfilling aspect of my coaching career is witnessing young individuals discover the profound connection between hard work and positive outcomes. In the world of football, we emphasize the idea that you work relentlessly for 355 days a year, and on the remaining 10 days, you reap the rewards of your efforts. These moments, especially on game days, are incredibly gratifying as players begin to see how their dedication and investment of time translate into tangible, positive results.

Equally gratifying is when our players continue their football journey at the next level. It's a testament to their genuine love for the sport and a reflection of the guidance we've provided along the way. It reaffirms the notion that football can be a valuable and transformative experience for them, both on and off the field. These achievements not only reflect the players' growth but also the sense of fulfillment that coaching brings, knowing that we've played a role in their development.

In your opinion, what is the most misunderstood thing about the coaching profession?

The most commonly misunderstood facet of coaching is the misconception that game day and the strategic elements, the X's and O's, are the most crucial aspects. In reality, coaching is a continuous journey of building a program and a cohesive team year after year. The true essence of coaching extends far beyond the field, involving daily organizational efforts to ensure everyone is aligned and moving together in the same direction. This commitment to unity is encapsulated in our motto, 'One Team, One Heartbeat.'

Coaching is a demanding profession that often operates behind the scenes, but it's also one of the most rewarding vocations in the world. The dedication required to mold young athletes, foster teamwork, and instill life values is an everyday grind that requires unwavering commitment. It's the collective effort, the journey, and the relationships formed along the way that make coaching a profoundly fulfilling profession, despite its challenges.

Please share the importance of what your staff/ players are doing for your community?

When we turn our gaze toward the crowd behind our bench on those electric Friday nights and see a sea of devoted faces, all I can think about is the sense of unity we're fostering within this community—a community bound by a shared love for the 'Dogs.' Even in a season when we find ourselves constantly on the road due to stadium construction, our unwavering goal remains the same: to deliver a product that our community can take immense pride in.

Seeing that vibrant sea of orange every Friday night, as they show up in force to witness the 'Dogs' in action, fills us with a profound sense of accomplishment. It's a testament to our ability to bring this community together, to ignite a collective passion that transcends individual differences. In those moments, we are all one team, one heartbeat, and together, we create a powerful and enduring bond that extends beyond the football field.