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Meet Coach Rick LaFavers | Coach of the Week

Week 4
School: River Point High School
Years Coaching: 27

How long have you been coaching? Where did your career begin? College\university you attended?

I am currently coaching my 27 season of football. I began my coaching career at Fort Worth Southwest HS in 1997. I attended Texas Christian University (TCU). Played Football 1991-1995

Why do you coach? (share coaching philosophy\why you decided to coach on high school level, etc.)

Coaching is a calling for me. I coach to make a difference in young people's lives. I love the "ahh hah" moment and taking an athlete from point A to point Z

I love helping people reach their goals.

I began my coaching career in college and moved to high school after 14 years in college. Kids in high school are much more impressionable and I believe you can make a much bigger impact at the high school level. It is a different relationship in college…still a great and meaningful relationship…just more mature. Guys in college are further along in their development into a young man.

What is the most rewarding\fulfilling part of your job?

The moment kids "see" the "why"….that "ah hah" moment. Also helping kids achieve their goals. That look in their eye. The confidence. It inspires and motivates me. Extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

In your opinion, what is the most misunderstood thing about the coaching profession?

I think there are two things….time commitment à this is not a job. It is a calling. We don't work 8-5. We are always on call to help and do what we can when we can.

The second thing is often times people think coaches have it out for their kid and get concerned with playing time, etc…99% of coaches are trying to put the best combination of players together that they trust and help gives them the best opportunity to win. It is never personal. Sometimes it is hard for parents/fans to look through different lenses. Often times everything boils down to trust. Trust to do what they're supposed to do and be in the right spot and make the necessary adjustments. Trust to do what they're supposed to do off the field and in the classroom. This is at all levels (HS, College, NFL). It is hard to play a player no matter how talented they are if you can't trust them consistently.

Please share the importance of what your staff/ players are doing for your community?

Our staff and players are extremely involved in our community. We have a very close community here in Sienna. Our players are very involved in the elementary schools and middle schools as well as the little leagues. The young kids look up to our athletes. Our staff is also very involved and supportive of them in the community as well. Several coaches live in the community and have kids going through our feeder schools in the community. The amount of support and enthusiasm for Ridge Point is truly special and very much appreciated by our players. It definitely goes both ways.