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Take the fight out of them early.

This can't be one of those games where you let them hang around thinking they have a chance to win in the fourth quarter.

Losing in consecutive weeks to winless teams is inexcusable and will erase most of the warm fuzzies we've grown around here. And winter is coming.

But I'm sure you already knew that.

On the other hand, a 3-2 record after five weeks won't be so bad considering the players the Texans have been playing without. I remember when the Texans were 4-3 once. It felt good – until they played the next game.

Although that next game is when me, Kyle Johnson, and a whole bunch of Broncos fans realized that Dunta Robinson is more than just a cover corner.

A win this week will set the stage for two very important AFC South games, and re-discovering the lost confidence in the running game against the worst run defense in the league will go a long way to achieving that 3-2 record we all want.

I don't want to imagine the fallout from losses to 0-3 and 0-4 teams in consecutive weeks.

If the Texans are going to make any noise this year, they need to be able to run the ball with their #2 and #3 running backs – and behind their backup center. Do we have quality depth or don't we?

From this week's 'Knowing Your Enemy' department:

Under the headline, *Dolphin Ginn at back of rookie class

"Three players selected just before Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn Jr. in the first round of April's NFL Draft, and three taken right after him, are all starters in the NFL.

The next receiver drafted after No. 9 pick Ginn, Kansas City's Dwayne Bowe at No. 23, has scored a touchdown in three straight games. Third-round receiver James Jones has 18 catches and a touchdown for Green Bay.

Ginn? The player whose selection was jeered by Dolphins fans on draft day is a second-stringer who rarely appears on offense. Used almost exclusively to return kickoffs and punts, Ginn has one catch for 15 yards and two rushes for 4 yards for the 0-4 Dolphins.
- Ben Volin,

Under the headline, *Dolphins Green playing like he's, well, green

Some fans are asking for (Quarterback Trent) Green to be benched, a call so loud, some reporters echoed it Wednesday.**
''You ask if I would start myself,' Green said repeating a reporter's question. 'Yeah, I would.'

Green is convinced he should continue to start because, as he explains, he gives Miami the best chance to win. And Green is right to stand his ground because, assuming he makes adjustments in his game and mindset, he is the best option (Head Coach Cam) Cameron has at the moment.

But the changes need to come soon because Cameron wanted and expected a veteran quarterback, and Green isn't exactly playing like one.

He has thrown a league-high seven interceptions and, although some have come when receivers didn't run crisp routes, or the protection was poor, the majority of the errant throws should have been avoided.

'He hasn't taken care of the football the way he needs to, and he knows that,' Cameron said.
- Armando Salguero,


I'll be doing the Texas football trifecta this weekend by attending the Clear Brook – Alvin HS game on Friday night, the Texas A&M – Oklahoma State game on Saturday night, and the Texans – Dolphins on Sunday. Is there a game on Monday that doesn't require a round trip ticket to Buffalo?

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