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Midway point = low point

Halfway through the season the Texans have a lot of soul searching to do. Each possible solution to their issues seems to yield even more questions than answers.

How can they limit turnovers?

Well, by playing more of a ball control style. But that necessitates running the ball and they haven't been able to do that with any consistency.

They would love to get turnovers, but when you're behind as much as they are, opponents don't have to take as many chances and aren't going to make as many mistakes.

These are perplexing times. The first two weeks brought inspired play and an edgy attitude that produced wins. Things have deteriorated since losing Andre Johnson late in the win over Carolina. The loss to the Colts was a close game, but Ahman Green and Jacoby Jones went out in that one. The plethora of injuries and a frightening lack of execution has all but extinguished the hope that this was going to be a special year.

The Chargers clearly handled the fire disaster better than the Texans. Houston looked like the team that was uprooted for practice and had their homes and families threatened by fire. San Diego fans hoping for a big party Sunday were treated to five Houston turnovers which helped the cause. The Texans looked unfocused and simply not ready to play.

Next up, the Oakland Raiders. The Texans have to view this game as an opportunity to make some of the pain go away. If they are able to win, they'll get two weeks to heal their wounds and take on the Saints with a healthy Andre Johnson. There is much to play for, but will they play well? Another question that has yet to be answered.


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