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Mock Draft - Description

There's a shakeup at the top for our final Houston Texans Mock Draft Survey of 2019.

We combed the internet for the most prominent mock drafts, found 63 of them, and on 17 of those 63 (27%), Oklahoma offensive lineman Cody Ford was projected to be a Texan.

Some of those mocks had Houston trading up in the first round from their original spot at 23 to get the blocker.

For the last couple months, Washington State offensive lineman Andre Dillard had been the favorite to be a Texan, but in this final survey, he came in second to Ford. 14 of 63 (22.2%) mock drafts had Dillard coming to Houston, and like Ford, a handful of those mocks were with the Texans trading up in the draft.

Offensive lineman Greg Little from Ole Miss and LSU cornerback Greedy Williams were each mocked to Houston five times apiece (8%) to the Texans, and Kansas State offensive lineman Dalton Risner was projected to the Texans in four mocks.

In all, 52 of the 63 mocks (82.5%) had the Texans going with help up front for the offense.

Seven of the 63 mock drafts had Houston selecting a cornerback.