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More love from national media

The Texans' 2-0 start suddenly has people clamoring to jump on the team's bandwagon. For the second consecutive week,'s Peter King has given the Texans some love in **his weekly column**. Last Monday, he named Mario Williams as one of his Defensive Players of the Week. Today, he gave the Texans the No. 10 ranking in his Top 15 teams in the NFL. Also, he named Gary Kubiak as his **Coach of the Week**, writing:

"Before Sunday afternoon, the Texans had never been 2-0 and had never scored 34 points (their total at Carolina) in a game. Credit Matt Schaub for the life-preserver he's thrown this franchise, and credit Kubiak for having the gumption to trade two second-round picks for a mostly unproven quarterback and then jamming his offense down Schaub's throat in one short offseason. All Schaub's done is complete 72 percent of his throws and become the leader David Carr never was in Houston.*"

*The only thing I disagree with is that Schaub didn't necessarily have this offense jammed down his throat. As Schaub has mentioned numerous times since arriving in Houston, he ran a similar offense in Atlanta and in college at Virginia. So the transition wasn't nearly as drastic as King infers. Otherwise, I appreciate the attention that King is giving the Texans.

In any case, I just read Pete Prisco's grades on CBS Sportsline. He gives the Texans an A for the win over Carolina. Check it out **here**.

Also, this just in, USA Today's Jarrett Bell named Amobi Okoye his **Rookie of the Week**. Okoye also is up for **NFL Rookie of the Week** honors, and coach Gary Kubiak is one of the nominees for **NFL Coach of the Week**. Tom Weir wrote **this feature** on the team.

Additionally, I just saw on ESPN's NFL Primetime show that analyst Mark Schlereth named Andre Johnson as his Primetime Performer in Week 2. Not bad at all.

And Vic Carucci gives the Texans his **No. 6 ranking** in his weekly list of the NFL's top teams on

If that's not enough, this article by's Tim Layden on Schaub and Andre Johnson isn't bad. Neither is the Texans' spot on writer Dr. Z's weekly power rankings.

If anyone finds any other mention of the Texans and their fast start this season in the national media, let me know about it and I'll be sure to mention it in my blog.


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