NASA followup


Right tackle Eric Winston was all smiles on Tuesday at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

We mentioned on Tuesday that right tackle Eric Winston was headed to the Johnson Space Center.

He, his wife Jenny, along with Tracy and Ashley T. of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders, and a few others from the Texans organization went on a fascinating tour of a part of the facilities.

The highlights were certainly the visits to the different Mission Control rooms. The International Space Station is manned right now by three American astronauts and a trio of Russian cosmonauts, and the good folks of NASA took us inside the control room to check it out. We were standing by the CAPCOM desk and getting explanations on procedure and whatnot.

We also saw the Mission Control room that was used from the early 1960's until 1996, and it was fascinating to be in a place where so much history was made.

Winston took a lot of pictures, enjoyed meeting everyone there, signed autographs after the tour, and even talked a little football. In the next day or so, we'll have a photo slideshow of the trip, along with a Texans TV piece detailing the trip.

-Incidentally, Winston was the focus of a recent 'Early Influence' blogpost by ESPN's Paul Kuharsky.

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