Next week or so...

It's been quite a busy few days here at Reliant Stadium.

Most of the players are scattering for a quick vacation, and before they did we managed to chat with a few.

Over the course of the next week, we'll have video interviews up with a handful of players.

Linebacker Danny Clark had some interesting things to say about Brian Cushing. Clark played for the New York Giants the last few seasons, and said the national viewpoint is also starting to evolve about the Texans.

Rookie tight end Garrett Graham told us what his "Welcome to the NFL" experience has been, and defensive end Connor Barwin discussed boxing, his Independence Day plans and who his funniest teammate is. (His answer will surprise you.)

Also, last weekend the team hosted some area youth soccer coaches for a clinic. Wide receivers coach Larry Kirksey spoke to the participants, and you can check out more from the event by clicking here.

Make sure you keep checking out for more throughout the week.

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