panel: Watch out for Texans in 2010

Plenty of love for the Texans in a "Teams on the rise in '10" piece yesterday on Five of's top writers were asked to pick two teams to watch out for in 2010 based on what they did in 2009. Four of the five panelists listed the Texans as one of their choices.

Gil Brandt says the Texans "seem to have all the pieces in place." Bucky Brooks writes that Houston is a "lock to make its first postseason appearance next year." Pat Kirwan says that "Coach Gary Kubiak just received a vote of confidence with a new contract extension and that creates the stability required to become a serious contender." And Steve Wyche comments that "the Texans are on the verge of breaking through," and that AFC South powerhouse Indianapolis "should feel threatened."

There will be countless bad predictions made about the 2010 NFL season between now and August. Hopefully for the Texans, these aren't among them.

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