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NFL cuts usually served cold, plus Texans wheel, deal and steal?

Despite what Cat Stevens wrote about, the second cut is the deepest.

First of all, happy healing to Chad Stanley. Everyone assumed he got cut. He's actually being placed on injured reserve with a groin injury. I just talked with him on the road trip about his new baby and how important the Tampa Bay game was to his career whether he was here or not. It was clear that Matt Turk won the job fair and square.

Samkon Gado beating out Wali Lundy was notable. Lundy was the opening day starter last year, showing you just how far this team has come. Gado looked good against Dallas and Lundy looked good against Tampa Bay. The coaches watch every inch of tape and see things beyond the numbers (like pass protection) that factor big time into the final cuts.

I was a bit surprised that Drew Hodgdon, Brandon Frye and Mike Brisiel all got cut. The coaches love Chris White and since Steve McKinney can play center and guard the team had some options.

Keenan McCardell never panned out as planned. If Jacoby Jones hadn't vaulted into the limelight the Texans might have kept six receivers to groom the Lane College product along. But Jones is going to play a ton, André Davis has caught the eye of the coaches and Jerome Mathis is still a threat to go the pro bowl as a return man.

On the trade: Michael Boulware started for a Super Bowl team two years ago. He'll be a huge addition to the safety group and the Texans didn't have to give up a starter to get him. Yes, it still hurts that the Texans used three picks to grab Jason Babin in 2004, but we have to get over that and move on. He looked like he was turning the corner to be a good pass rusher after five sacks last year and a busy preseason. But he was never going to be more than a situational player here. Boulware should start soon.

Don't expect many earth shattering pickups off the waiver wire. The Texans don't get first dibs off cut players like last year after they had the number-one pick.


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