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Nick Scurfield (2:27:48PM): Thanks for stopping by the live chat. I'll be here for about an hour answering questions about training camp & anything else Texans-related. We'll get things rolling here in just a few minutes.

TexansNutt - ROChester, NY, US: What do you think the chances Aaron Schobel will sign with us? Is there any signs that we might move a cornerback to the safety position?

Nick Scurfield (2:32:40PM): Texans coach Gary Kubiak and owner Bob McNair say that the team is looking at Schobel, but a lot of other teams probably are, too. Schobel has said the Texans would be his top choice in free agency because of his local ties and relationship with Bill Kollar. We'll see how it plays out. And no, I don't think any corners are moving to safety at this point.

brandon kura - austin, TX, US: where can i find the live practice on the houston texans website?

Nick Scurfield (2:33:55PM): We just started streaming open practices and parts of closed practices live on over the past few days. You can find the video on the homepage of the website or in the Texans TV section each day during practice.

Capt. Kirk - Pasadena, TX, US: Here come my James Casey questions again for this Has Casey been practicing on ST this year? As possible holder for FG or Xpts? Possible Up Back on punts? Would be a waste again this year if the Texans cannot find a use for Caseys arm in one way or the other out of the backfield...

Nick Scurfield (2:34:58PM): Casey has been getting a lot of reps at TE with Owen Daniels out, and he's looked good. He also has been impressive as a long snapper, which could be a way he helps the team this year besides on offense.

Justin - Houston, TX, US: Do you think the Texans can finally start scoring in the red zone?

Nick Scurfield (2:35:55PM): That's one of new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison's top priorities. We have an article about that from a few days ago if you search through the news archive on Dennison said that he's focused on getting everybody on the same page to establish a dominant running game like he had in Denver for so many years.

Joseph - Cypress, TX, US: Dear Nick, I went to my first ever Texans Training Camp this year and I was very impressed with how everything was run. I thought it especially cool of those players that stopped to sign autographs before and after practice. Are they encouraged to do that or do they just do it out of the goodness of their hearts?

Nick Scurfield (2:37:53PM): One pre-selected position group (WR, RB, LB, etc.) signs autographs for 100 fans after each practice, but players also sign autographs along the fence at their own behest. After the open night practice, which was last night, Kubiak encourages the entire team to stay a few minutes extra and sign autographs with fans along the fence. The fan and player intercation is one of the best parts of training camp, if you ask me.

Justin - Plano, TX, US: How is Sherrick McManis looking? He's in a crowded group and hoping he makes the team.

Nick Scurfield (2:39:28PM): Kubiak just talked about him today and said he's been a nice surprise. They've brought McManis along slowly after he missed OTAs and mini-camp, and he's coming along nicely. He's a guy that the Texans thought would've been drafted a lot higher if not for an injury that prevented him from running at the combine. I'll have more on him in a "Rookie Watch" blog post later today.

Djedi - Houston, TX, US: Nick based on what you've seen at training camp, do you think Steve Slayton has to be worried about being replaced as the starter?

Nick Scurfield (2:40:48PM): Arian Foster is the starter right now, but Slaton looks good in full contact practices and has shown that he's back from last year's injury. If he can rediscover his rookie form, watch out.

Andrew - Houston, TX, US: How's Kareem Jackson looking so far?

Nick Scurfield (2:43:37PM): He's getting to go against the best receiver in football every day in Andre Johnson. Johnson has gotten the better of him on more than one occasion, but the experience Jackson is getting now is going to serve him well when he faces off against guys like Reggie Wayne and Miles Austin.

sean weatherly - montgomery, TX, US: will the texans make the playoffs?

Nick Scurfield (2:45:17PM): That's the goal. Kubiak said it's going to boil down to winning more games in the division, becoming a more physical team and overcomign adversity. I can tell you one thing, the Texans certainly look like a more physical team right now through one week of training camp than I've seen in the past. Lot of swagger on the defensive side of the ball.

Ryan - Houston, TX, US: What do you think about THORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so far and how does he fit into the team's plans this year?

Nick Scurfield (2:47:43PM): Casey catches everything in sight; DeMeco Ryans said the other day that he probably has some of the best hands on the team. He and Dreessen are battilng for first-team reps at tight end and are looking to prove that they belong on the field. I'm no scout, but I've been impressed with both of them throughout camp.

Djedi - Houston, TX, US: After the Andre Johnson contract re-negotiations, do you think the Texans have open pandora's box with other top preformers wanting to re-negotiate a bad deal?

Nick Scurfield (2:48:19PM): That remains to be seen, but I don't think so. Johnson is a special player, and the Texans made a special exception for him.

Anthony North - Houston, TX, US: Hello Nick. I was wondering what you think Aaron Schobel's role would be and what he would mean to the team if the Texans were to acquire him. Thanks

Nick Scurfield (2:52:25PM): Lot of Schobel questions today. Kubiak said the Texans are a "part of the process" of the teams that are evaluating him now. His role? Schobel is one of the best pass rushers in the business- 78 sacks in his career- and the Texans have struggled to get a consistent pass rush outside of Mario Williams in the past three seasons. Antonio Smith moves inside in pass rushing situations. Connor Barwin is coming into his own. There's already plenty of talent at DE on the roster, but Schobel certainly warrants consideration because of his impressive track record.

Ryan Reyna - Portland, TX, US: Do you believe that Jacoby Jones is ready to leap into the WR2 spot? I'm sold on his size, speed, and explosiveness! Not to take anything away from Kevin Walter

Nick Scurfield (2:54:59PM): Jones and Walter are going head-to-head for the No. 2 spot. Walter has been one of the most productive (and unheralded) No. 2s in the league for the past few seasons, and he does everything the coaches ask him to do. Jones really took some steps forward last yaer and has continued to mature and progress this offseason. Whoever winds up in that spot, the Texans will be in good hands.

Robert - Jones Creek, TX, US: Hey Nick, I was just curious about the running back situation for this upcoming season. I feel if we can establish a solid running game, we can go all the way this year. GO TEXANS!!!! Texans Fan, Rob

Nick Scurfield (2:57:46PM): Thanks for the question, Rob. Foster came into camp as the starter and is showing no signs of letting up after a strong finish to the 2009 season. He's focused, he's determined and runs with a chip on his shoulder. Slaton is next in the pecking order at this point and looks like he has bounced back from his injury. Plus, he's slimmed down and is back around his playing weight from his rookie season in '08- should help with his speed and quickness. Rookie Ben Tate is still learning the ropes but shows some serious flashes of talent and cutback ability. Chris Henry has been one of the surprise players of camp. Jerermiah Johnson is back there in the mix as well.

Jim - Texarkana, TX, US: Nick, What is exactly wrong with Adibi? Your twitter just said he was injured and out a few weeks.

Nick Scurfield (1:01:02PM): Thanks for following me on there. Adibi has a pretty significant groin strain. Kubiak sounds a bit concerned about it- Adibi was being counted on to compete for the starting SLB job during Cushing's four-game suspension, and missing a few weeks of camp and the preseason is a definite setback. Kubiak is hopeful they can get him healthy and back on the field.

Tony - HOUSTON, TX, US: I know the unknown stater spots on the line are LG, RG and C. Caldwell is expected to lock up RG. Why has he not been thought of as C. He was an all-american? Studdard/Brisiel at LG, Caldwell at C, and Smith at LG(Because its alot of money to be a back-up)?

Nick Scurfield (1:04:03PM): Caldwell was an All-American at C at Alabama, but he also played both guard positions and right tackle during his time there. The Texans coaches like him at the RG spot, so I'm going to defer to their judgment on that. Offensive line coach John Benton described C Chris Myers as "the brains of the operation up front" to me earlier this offseason; he's integral in a lot of the calls and protections that the Texans ask their offensive linemen to execute. Wade Smith signed with the Texans expecting to compete for a starting job, and that's what he'll do throughout camp.

Richie Castaneda - Houston, TX, US: Who is most likely to be kicking the ball for the Texans, because we all know Kris Brown cost us some pretty big games!

Nick Scurfield (1:06:14PM): Brown and Rackers will be competing through camp and the preseason. They're going to alternate kicks during preseason games and hopefully get some game-winners to attempt as well. They kicked yesterday in front of the fans- Brown went 6-of-7 from long range, and so did Rackers. Both of their misses were not by much, and most of their makes went through with plenty of room to spare. It's neck and neck right now.

Joseph - Cypress, TX, US: Dear Nick, Do you have a favorite Texan player? If so, who is it and why?

Nick Scurfield (1:10:30PM): I don't have a favorite player, but some of the most fun guys to interview from a sheer entertainment standpoint are David Anderson, Jacoby Jones, Bernard Pollard, Antonio Smith and Shaun Cody. D.A. and Jacoby Jones should have their own show on VH1.

Eileen - Brick, NJ, US: How is the rookie Graham progressing? Do you think he'll get playing time?

Nick Scurfield (1:13:30PM): Thanks for sending in the question all the way from Garrett Graham's hometown. He reminds a lot of people of Owen Daniels, and it's not just because he was also drafted in the fourth round from Wisconsin. He seems to move a lot like OD and has a knack for getting open. Graham made a one-handed catch on the second or third day of training camp that I still think is one of the top plays of camp so far.

Brian - Houston, TX, US: How has Dorin Dickerson looked so far in camp? And what are the chances he sees playing time at WR this season?

Nick Scurfield (1:15:36PM): Dickerson has lost about 13 pounds since he came in at 238 during OTAs. He wasn't sloppy overweight, he was just too bulky in his upper body. Now that he's trimmed down, he has improved tremendously and been able to put his 4.47 speed on display. Seems like he beats a defender for a deep ball or two in just about every practice.

Joseph - Cypress, TX, US: Dear Nick, Have you ever been accidentally hit or tackled during a football game or practice?

Nick Scurfield (1:20:42PM): No, but in my first year with the team in 2007, I was standing behind the end zone on the field when Owen Daniels made a leaping catch in the end zone against the Jaguars right in front of me. He ran out the back of the end zone to spike the ball, and it must have missed me by about five feet.

Mark Arendt - Houston, TX, US: Will Trindon Holliday make the team and what is the latest on his injury?

Nick Scurfield (1:18:29PM): Kubiak said yesterday that Holliday will be back from his hamstring injury on Monday. He should be able to play in the preseason opener at Arizona. He has unbelievable speed and could be a serious weapon as a returner, but the coaches would like for him to improve as a receiver.

Doug - Clear Lake City, TX, US: Hello Nick, really enjoy your articles on the Texans I, for one, think this is the most competitive training camp the Texans have had....which Texans from last year could possibly be looking to be cut off this years roster when the cuts start coming? Any one you care to speculate about?

Nick Scurfield (1:26:52PM): Thanks. I stay away from that type of speculation, sorry. I will say this: the roster cuts seem to get more difficult to predict every year that I've been here. And that's a good thing.

justin - houston, TX, US: how is the center battle going for the offensive line. I dont think the texans can improve with chris myers at the starting position

Nick Scurfield (1:28:43PM): It's Myers' job to lose. He played through a high-ankle sprain, which isn't easy to do for a guy in the trenches, and started all 16 games last season. The coaches love his toughness and the mental part of his game. Wade Smith is competing with him in camp, and former starting right guard Mike Brisiel is in the mix there as well.

Ryan Reyna - Portland, TX, US: Are you ready to throw the ball to our now happy receiver ANDRE JOHNSON in the new MADDEN NFL 11!001

Nick Scurfield (1:30:14PM): Did it already come out? I need to get a copy. Can't remember the exact rating for Andre (blogged about it a couple weeks back), but he is scary good in the game. And in real life.

james - houston, TX, US: How are the young safeties looking? Who do you see making the team out of that group?

Nick Scurfield (1:31:50PM): I haven't been paying as much attention to that group so far in camp as I have some other positions. I'll take a closer look and get back to you in the blogs on

Jim - Texarkana, TX, US: Nick, I know it's probably too late for this year, but it would be great if the Texans could get one of the Shreveport TV stations to show the preseason games. Living up here in northeast Texas we are in the Shreveport TV area. The CBS station, KSLA, does a pretty good job at showing the Texans during the regular season, but there are no Texans preseason games broadcast (except for the national broadcasts). I can watch the re-airs on NFL Network but I already know the outcome of the game by then. Also, it's not possible to watch on the computer since I am still on dialup. :-( Anything the Texans can do to have the preseason games on one of the Shreveport stations would be appreciated.

Nick Scurfield (1:34:17PM): I'm not sure if there are any deals in place with a station in Shreveport, but I'll pass along your note to our marketing staff. They're always on the lookout for opportunities like that. Thanks.

Jim - Texarkana, TX, US: How about red jerseys and blue pants for Battle Red Day? No ketchup bottle look, please.

Nick Scurfield (1:36:35PM): It is the all-red look this year for the MNF game against the Ravens. Sorry, Jim. Here's the link to all of the Texans' home uniform combinations in 2010: /gameday/2010UniformCombinations.asp

Anthony Sablan - LaMarque, TX, US: Is Steve Slaton first string this year?

Nick Scurfield (1:38:44PM): Arian Foster is the #1 back right now, but Slaton is having an excellent camp.

TXurias - Detroit, MI, US: Do the guys have a nickname for Connor Barwin yet?

Nick Scurfield (1:39:09PM): Not that I've heard. I'll ask him.

Garry - Houston, TX, US: Whats up Nick, how is Kareem Jackson developing?

Nick Scurfield (1:41:59PM): He's been a starter since Day 1 and is holding his own. Getting a chance to hone his skills against the best receiver in the game in practice every day. He's a physical corner, which is what David Gibbs and Frank Bush want. I'm excited to see him in action against another team.

Nick Scurfield (1:44:33PM): Gotta run and do some blogging about this morning's practice before the afternoon session gets going, so that'll do it for today's live chat. Thanks for all the questions and comments, and be sure to keep following the Texans throughout training camp on

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