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Off-season, schmoff-season

The season's over at 9-7, but we here at are kicking it into overdrive this offseason.

We'll continue to have new content for you every day and will definitely be heavy into the draft coverage from now through late-April.

Nick Scurfield will head to Miami for the week of the Pro Bowl, and will no doubt pelt you with all sorts of valuable Texans' information from there.

That same week, I'll be in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, filing reports about possible future Texans.

Late February we'll be in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, so just because the games are over doesn't mean we'll take a break.

For instance, later today we'll put up an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with former Texans/current Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Kyle's a good guy and did a great job here with the offense. We're sad to see him go, but also happy for his opportunity, and he had some cool things to say in the interview.

For now, check out a few tidbits...

-John McClain of the Houston Chronicle **recaps the 2009 campaign**.

-Randi of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders is off to Miami for the Pro Bowl later this month, and **she talked about it with us**.

-And speaking of the HTC, check out some of **their highlights from the win over the Patriots**.

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