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Houston Texans

Offense looking for a big RB

Though head coach Gary Kubiak says that the Texans must make "big-time improvement" on defense, the Texans might be **targeting a running back** to complement Steve Slaton in the April 25-26 draft, writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Backs that McClain says could be available in the second or third round, should the Texans target one in either round, include UConn's Donald Brown (212 pounds), Iowa's Shonn Greene (227), Liberty's Rashad Jennings (231), Virginia's Cedric Peerman (218), Pitt's LeSean McCoy (204), Michigan State's Javon Ringer (205) and Purdue's Kory Sheets (206). All are bigger or about the same size as Slaton (205).

McClain says that another priority for the Texans is adding an offensive lineman who can play center and guard. The Texans currently have only two backups on the interior O-line: guard Kasey Studdard and center/guard Chris White.

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