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Offensive numbers to chew on

Bucky Brooks of gushes about the Texans' offensive firepower. Brooks, a former pro player, is good friends with defensive coordinator Frank Bush, but the points he makes have nothing to do with personal loyalties.

Brooks explains that the Texans' vertical version of the West Coast offense was so successful because Andre Johnson got amazing separation on deep routes and Kevin Walter took advantage of that with backside routes.

Over on, AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky takes a different tone. He writes that although the Texans finished third in offense last season and found ways to move the ball, but they couldn't finish their drives.

He found that the Texans scored touchdowns just 45.9 percent of the time they were in the red zone. The team also turned to ball over 32 times to finish minus 10 in turnovers.

Brooks and Kuharsky do reach some common ground in that both write that the Texans must improve their running game in goal-line situations in order to win more games. The big questions is: who will step up to be the big banger to complement starter Steve Slaton?

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