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On to Nashville

The Titans are up next on our schedule, and we've had a great week of practice. Coach Kubiak has said numerous times that he thinks the Titans were playing as good as any team in the league in the two games leading up to their bye, and I'd have to agree. They're definitely on a roll.

Looking at my matchup, I'm sure I'll see a lot of Kevin Mawae on Sunday. He's the Titans' starting center, and I've faced him a lot before. The thing about Kevin is that he reminds me of a defensive lineman playing center in that he's just so quick. That's the biggest challenge we have facing him is his veteran moves and the veteran savvy that he has. His speed, I think, is what separates him from a lot of centers.

Of course, once I get past the offensive line, tackling Travis Henry is a whole different challenge. I've played against him in college and the pros. The thing about Travis that jumps out at me is his toughness. He's going to run hard whether there are three guys in front of him or nobody in front of him. He runs the same way, and it's going to take more than one guy to tackle him.

One of their best receivers is David Givens, who I played college football with at Notre Dame. David has battled some injuries this year, but it looks like he'll play this weekend. We're pretty good friends. I was actually here in Houston when David was here for his free agent visit this offseason. I know he wanted to come here, and come back home—I believe he's from Humble—but sometimes the numbers just aren't right, and he went to Tennessee.

Dave is a special player. He's worked for everything that he's gotten. He might not be the fastest receiver in the world, but he's smart, and he plays faster because of it. I haven't spoken to him this week. I try not to talk to anyone that I'm about to play. I'll go out before the game and see him in warmups. We'll talk trash a little bit, I'm sure. But other than that, I'm going to try to stay away from that. One thing is for sure: We'll have to keep tabs on Dave if he's out there.

Anyways, I don't have any predictions. That's not in my nature. All I will say is that you can expect us to play our hardest. The road hasn't been kind to us, but we're looking to flip the script this weekend.

I gotta run. I want to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts. Today reminded me of a fall day in New York. I'm loving it. I wish it would stay like this for a while, but I know that heat is right around the corner. For a while there, I was wondering whether I was going to even make it through the heat at all.

Tune in Sunday. I'll try to put on a show and help us get our third win.

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