OTAs Day 3


Rookie Trindon Holliday catches a pass during drills on Wednesday.

Day 3 of OTAs is complete and you can check out some of the bigger storylines **in this edition of Texans Daily**. We're going to present the news of the day a little differently now, and we'll do it in Texans Daily, with key soundbytes from players and coaches.

Nick Scurfield will continue to wreck shop with his articles and **blog posts**, and we'll also have the latest podcasts and transcripts up as well.

After practice, the majority of the team headed back to the locker room, but some, including receivers Jacoby Jones, David Anderson, Glenn Martinez, André Davis and tight ends Owen Daniels and Joel Dreessen caught passes from the jugs machine. **We chatted with Dreessen a bit**, and he seems to be rehabbing from the shoulder surgery quite nicely.

During practice, there was an interesting twist when the punt returners caught punts from the jugs machine. Davis, Martinez, Jones, Anderson and Trindon Holliday would alternate fair-catching the punts on what was a windy Wednesday. While each player tried to catch the punt, the other four would surround him and stay two yards away, and wave white towels in the air to distract him. The combo of the wind, the towel distraction, and catching a moving object was pretty tough, but EVERY player caught every ball. There were no drops. Pretty cool stuff.

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