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Houston Texans

Pats fans send Colvin some love

As pointed out by a Texans fan on the ** message boards**, free agent signee Rosevelt Colvin is getting a wave of support from well-wishing Patriots fans on Pats forums around the web. A discussion on fan site in response to Colvin's signing with Houston is chock full of endearing comments for the veteran pass-rushing specialist, most of which involve wishing their beloved "Rosie" success with the Texans and hoping that he helps Mario Williams get after Texans and Patriots nemesis Peyton Manning next season.

"Best of luck to Rosie in Houston," one Patriots fan said. **"He was a fav of mine,** and he played well for us when he was healthy. I hope he has a nice season for the Texans and helps to vault them to a wild card spot this year."

Said another: "Seriously. Just go run over Peyton with Mario. So glad he didn't go to the Colts."

That sentiment, obviously shared by Texans fans and staff, is echoed in a* *similar discussion on

**"I'm delighted,"** a fan said. "If Colvin wasn't coming back to NE, the fact that he's NOT with the Jets or Colts makes me very happy. Now he can continue to (rough) Peyton up, and we wont have to contend with him or root against him. Good deal."

From reading these fans' opinions and from speaking to acquaintances of mine who live in the Boston area, it's clear that Colvin was well-liked for the player and person he proved to be during his five years in New England and that Patriots fans already miss him. That's an indication of the caliber of guy, on the field and off, that Rick Smith managed to lure away from the Colts.

It's also nice to see the Texans, for the most part, getting credit for being a team on the rise from followers of one of the top teams in the league.

Check out **The Bullpen** on the message boards to join Texans fans in discussing the Colvin signing and other team news.

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