Photos from Japan

During Super Bowl week, the Houston Texans Cheerleaders visited U.S. servicemen and women stationed in Japan. They entertained the troops at a Super Bowl party, did some sightseeing, took photos with the soldiers, signed autographs and much more. Below are some pictures from their fun journey.


Megan W., Lindsay, Andrea, Nicole, Tracy and Jessica take a photo.


Lindsay took a photo of a skyline in Japan.


Tracy, Andrea, Megan W., Lindsay, Jessica and Nicole pose with a member of the U.S. Army.


Megan W., Jessica, Andrea, Tracy, Lindsay and Nicole pose for a snapshot with a fan.


Jessica, Megan W., Andrea, Tracy and Nicole with a sign announcing their presence at a Super Bowl party.


Jessica, Tracy, Andrea, Lindsay, Nicole and Megan W. pause for a snapshot while sightseeing.


The Houston Texans Cheerleaders made the marquee for a Super Bowl party announcement.


Megan W. does a 3-man pushup with a pair of soldiers at the Super Bowl party.


Megan W. and a pair of soldiers take a photo at the Super Bowl party.


One lucky man got breakfast, and a photo, with Megan W.


A pagoda the Houston Texans Cheerleaders saw on a sightseeing trip.


Nicole, Andrea, Tracy and Lindsay practice a dance routine they would later perform at the Super Bowl party.

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