Play-by-play of Glenn's press conference

Aaron Glenn ended his 15-year NFL career during a press conference at Reliant Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. We'll have his full comments in a transcript and video on this afternoon, as well as reaction from Glenn after the press conference.


For now, here's how it all went down.

  • The three-time Pro Bowl cornerback, who's from Houston and played with the expansion Texans from 2002-04, was joined on stage by Texans owner Bob McNair and general manager Rick Smith.
  • Onlookers included Glenn's family; close friends; his college coach at Texas A&M, R.C. Slocum; McNair's wife, Janice; a throng of reporters; Texans president Jamey Rootes; Texans coach Gary Kubiak and several Texans assistants, including special teams coordinator Joe Marciano and linebackers coach Johnny Holland; and at least 30 Texans staff members, several who were with the team in 2002.
  • "Today marks a significant day in our organization's history," Smith said in his opening remarks, noting that Glenn is the first player to retire as a Texan in such fashion.
  • Smith continued, saying that Glenn embodies everything that he looks for in a player. He and Glenn then signed a one-day contract in front of the packed auditorium to officially make Glenn a part of the team again, if only for a day.
  • McNair took the mic next, sharing memories of Glenn, one of his team's first players. McNair specifically recalled a 2002 game in which Glenn returned two interceptions for touchdowns to help the Texans beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-6.
  • Glenn's remarks came next. "I tell you what," he began. "I'm never nervous to speak in front of people, but this is one fo the hardest things I've done. This brings closure."
  • A few minutes into Glenn's comments, Texans director of communications Kevin Cooper politely cut him off. Cooper had a message to play for him, he said, causing a slight bit of confusion in the room.
  • Turns out the message was from Pete Carroll, Glenn's first NFL head coach. Carroll drafted Glenn in the first round in 1994.
  • After the heartfelt message, Glenn thanked Carroll and the Jets for drafting him and believing in him. He then thanked the Texans organization, his family and the fans in his hometown of Houston. "This is where it all started for me," he said.
  • Later throughout Glenn's remarks, Cooper ever-so-politely interrupted Glenn a few more times. Each time, it was to play a message from another of Glenn's illustrious former coaches. One came from Dom Capers, Glenn's head coach with the Texans. Another came from Bill Belichick, Glenn's defensive backs coach in New York. The last came from Bill Parcells, who coached Glenn in New York from 1997-99.
  • Glenn finished things off by addressing his family, thanking them for their support. In particular, he reminded his son of the importance of legacy, saying that character and integrity are the only two things a person can stand on.
  • When it was all said and done, Glenn (top row, fourth from left) posed for this picture with his family:
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