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Post-draft thoughts

Maybe our luck is changing. During the Sports Radio 610 draft coverage, I was watching closely to see how dropping from swapping the 8th and 10th pick in the Matt Schaub deal would affect the Texans. It didn't. I was wondering if LSU safety Laron Landry was going to be available at eight, or maybe Adrian Peterson. But both players were snatched up before Atlanta picked Jamaal Anderson.

To have Amobi Okoye drop to 10th was great fortune. Prior to that moment, the two luckiest moments in Texans draft history were everyone underestimating Demeco Ryans last year and Detroit snagging Charles Rodgers ahead of Andre Johnson in 2003.

What do I think of the draft? Get back to me in 2010.

It's going to take a while as it does with any harvest, but you have to say the Texans are about to put their best team ever on the field. Okoye might not break out right away, but he has the potential to be a dynamite DT. Usually defensive tackles don't get into the highlights much ( Unless you're Anthony Maddox scoring a TD against Cleveland last year), but Okoye is very disruptive and has the ability to out-quick guards and get to the quarterback.

Okoye will don the No. 91 worn by Seth Payne. Payne had the biggest sack in team history with the safety in the first Dallas game. He will be missed, but the whole changeover is symbolic of the team getting younger and more athletic.

The Texans took players to potentially help all the position groups that need aid. How this crop pans out remains to be seen. But you have to credit Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith for doing their best to make this team better.

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