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Postgame thoughts

I saw the voice of the Chiefs, Mitch Holthus, at the half and he said "it feels like we're playing Denver."

That's a big compliment. Sure, the offense looks similar to the Broncos, and that's a good thing. Sure, the Texans raided the Broncos' organization for coaching, scouting and management talent, and that's also very good. We're talking about one of the top three organizations in the NFL.

The Texans have never looked this good top to bottom in a preseason game. It was refreshing to see Houston's second and third strings pound the opponent in one of these games, as opposed to the other way around.

The first stringers played to a 7-7 tie. The defense did well on its first series, but was gashed by too many long runs on K.C.'s first unit scoring drive. Kansas City runs on everybody, but Texans defensive coordinator Richard Smith took note.

The offense hasn't even started to really click yet, but when it does, it will easily be the most productive unit in team history. The style of attack was similar and effective with all three QBs in the game. But it's the running game with Wali Lundy, Chris Taylor and Damien Rhodes that really shined. The results make you think that maybe the Texans can imitate Denver's 'any-guy-can-get-1,000-yards-with-us' system.

The New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush may have had a Fresno-like 44-yard run on Saturday, but for those of you who are still stuck on the draft debate, think about this: The Texans have many more question marks on defense than offense, and the team desperately needs to put the brakes on opposing ground games and get a pass rush going. They got to Casey Printers with five sacks, but Trent Green stayed upright. Mario Williams will be a huge help.

It's only one game and a preseason game at that, but anyone who left the building thinking that Gary Kubiak doesn't have the Texans headed in the right direction wasn't paying attention.

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