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Preseason finale answers questions

Final preseason games are like NFL IDOL. Simon is watching to see if you make the cut. Rex Grossman passed the test on Friday night proving that he can still help a team win football games.

Jacoby Jones shined with an 87-yard TD catch and a 40-yarder. The coaching staff has been waiting for him to do something big and it happened. He now fields those inside-the-20 punts uneventfully and is conducting himself with more maturity and professionalism than ever.

The James Casey Fan Club probably added a few members Friday night as he caught his first TD pass in a Texans uniform. Casey can play fullback, tight end, special teams and probably fly the team plane.

Frank Bush wasn't shy about blitzing close to his goal line. Late in the game, Frank Okam had a sack on Josh Johnson that sealed the game. Khary Cambell's pressure helped him get it, proving Bush right in his aggresive play calling. Okam, by the way, shows a lot of promise and figures to get plenty of snaps in the DT rotation this year.

A 2-2 preseason is nothing to throw a party over, but Friday's game gave the organization a nice view of their depth as they got ready for cuts and a week in which they could finally concentrate fully on the Jets.

Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez went five-for-five against Philly reserves in his final preseason action. The Texans better be good against Thomas Jones and the New York ground game or the rookie hazing they have planned for Sanchez might never materialize.

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