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Houston Texans

Puppy love

Hi Texans Fans!

I have some great news. I found a new Texans fan last weekend! She is small, sassy, white and furry. She is my new three-pound Maltese puppy named Blanca! I got her from an evacuated family from La Porte who was desperate to get rid of her after their home was destroyed by Hurricane Ike. She was a little malnourished and needed some serious TLC. I couldn't resist this sweet-natured puppy, so I took her home with me!

The adoption was a surprise to everyone, including myself, as I was not planning on getting a pet until after the season ended. Blanca will be my first official pet. OK, I had fish as a kid and a family dog, but this is my first time being a pet owner. I have learned so far that owning a puppy requires a lot of one thing, patience! I love spending time with Blanca and look forward to taking her to obedience training at the Houston SPCA at the end of October.

The best thing about being a Texans Cheerleader and having a new puppy is that I have so many teammates that are also pet owners that I can learn from. Betsy has given me a few potty training tips and Randi explained how to balance owning a dog on a Cheerleader's schedule. You can even **watch** Randi, who volunteers each week at the Humane Society, talk about her love for dogs.

  • Sonya
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